Bradley Beal Shouldn’t Be In Boston And Here’s Why

Bradley Beal Shouldn’t Be In Boston And Here’s Why

Bradley Beal has been in a lot of rumors right before the trade deadline will come up in March. Some speculation is Beal coming to Boston to put on a Celtics jersey. The idea of that not only doesn’t make sense but is foolish and here’s why:

Celtics Already Have Tatum and Brown 

Coach Brad Stevens already has the young talent of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown at the helm. With their eastern conference finals appearance last season it proved just how reliable the duo is. With both players playing the wing and very effective on both ends of the floor, the need for Bradley Beal wouldn’t be much of an upgrade. If anything, the chemistry would be lowered causing for a longer period for the team to adjust. And due to the short offseason and shorter regular-season schedule, that’s a luxury the Celtics don’t have

There’s no denying the special talent that Bradley Beal possesses. He was able to average 30 points last season with the Washington Wizards. But what is there that Beal can do that Tatum or Brown can’t do? The 3 point percentage and other stats other than points aren’t too far off. Beal has more shots and green light in Washington. But it didn’t always award him wins. Whether the Celtics would have to give up Kemba Walker or one of the two stars, it’s not worth it. 

The Problem Is In The Front Court 

With the deadline coming and for Danny Ainge to make moves it would have to be to upgrade the size. Beal averages 5.1 rebounds a game and stands at 6’3. Relatively undersized for his position, the Celtics need size. And although Walker may be the undersized guard on the team, the issue is the frontcourt. Tristan Thompson was the newly added addition for the team to solve their problems on the boards. With 8.6 rebounds and 7 points a night, it may not be enough to stand against elite teams. 

Daniel Theis is an above-average player and showed it last year when he stepped up big. But with the new addition at Center, Theis comes off the bench. Tacko Fall is also a freakishly tall seven-footer but still has ways to go. Especially if he wants to be an NBA starter anytime soon. The frontcourt needs the work. 

Bradley Beal Hasn’t Been Around Winning Culture 

Bradley Beal should stay in Washington or help another team in the west.
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In Boston, the culture of sports is simply crucial enough where the bar is very high. As for Bradley Beal, he’s a skillful player with a top offensive arsenal. But all those baskets scored did not equate to wins. Having said all that most of the losses have been because of the lack of help. Nonetheless, in Boston the expectations are different. The eyes are on you. And that’s something that Bradley Beal hasn’t been accustomed to since his days in Florida under Billy Donavon. 

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