Danny Ainge gets brutally honest about the Celtics on Toucher & Rich

Danny Ainge gets brutally honest about the Celtics on Toucher & Rich

The Boston Celtics have been a frustrating team to watch so far during this season, and Danny Ainge, the President of Basketball Operations, agrees.

The defense’s intensity and effort have not been there every night. Outside of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the roster has not been consistent on offense. And maybe the biggest concern of all is Boston has struggled against bottom-tier opponents.

They have lost to the 8-21 Detroit Pistons… twice. They scored 75 points in a home defeat at the hands of the 14-16 New York Knicks. Most recently, they were outclassed by a 9-17 Washington Wizards squad and then dropped a home contest to the 12-17 Atlanta Hawks.

What makes this team even more maddening is they have put together impressive wins against the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and 16-Golden State Warriors.

At 15-14, the Celtics have talent but something is missing. And Danny Ainge knows that better than anyone.

Danny Ainge being honest

On Thursday this past week, Ainge was on the Celtics flagship station, 98.5 The Sports Hub. Appearing on the station’s morning show Toucher & Rich, the hosts asked Ainge if Boston’s current roster can win a title.

“I do not,” Ainge said with practically zero hesitation.

Rich Shertenlieb then followed up with if the Celtics are still a player or 2 away from really competing for a title. Ainge concurred with that sentiment.

After Ainge touched upon how a process is involved when constructing a championship roster, he acknowledged the buck ultimately stops with him.

“This team, where we are at 14-14 (now 15-14) if there is somebody to blame this is Danny Ainge to blame,” Ainge said. “This is not Brad Stevens. This is not Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. We’re not good enough right now, and we all know that. We need to get better.”

It is great hearing Ainge be honest about the state of the Celtics. Now there is another interesting aspect that this interview highlighted. Will Ainge ride out this season with basically the same roster or will he wait to reassess?

It will be fascinating to see how Ainge tinkers with the roster to give Tatum and Brown a real shot at leading a team to a title. Because right now, as good as those 2 are, this team is not a title contender.

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