Team Leader Options: 5 Possible Quarterbacks For Patriots Next Year

The team leader for the New England Patriots is still unclear as we sit through this NFL offseason. As for the quarterback position, Belichick still hasn’t made it clear whether Cam Newton will be returning starting quarterback. So here are the possibilities for New England to get. 

Team Leader Could Possibly Have Cowboy Dak Prescott

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For Dak, his contract season didn’t go as planned. After suffering a brutal leg injury, analysts are left wondering what’s next for Dak. For the Cowboys, Jerry Jones still hasn’t given Prescott a max contract. And although the Patriots may not give Dak that much money, it would be a good move on both sides to make the move out of Dallas. If so, the Patriots could be a huge upgrade and a major threat in the AFC East with a pro bowl talent QB. If they can acquire him they’d be another piece away from making it to the super bowl Post-Brady. 

Deshaun Watson Can Be Young Team Leader

The team leader for the Pats can be Deshaun Watson.
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The current Houston Texan has been making headlines all over sports news as he requested a trade this offseason. Rightfully so after spending 4 tough seasons with an organization that traded away one of the best receivers and a fired coach midseason. With the right guidance, Josh McDaniels will have a field day running option and play-action plays. With the wheels and strong-arm he has, Watson may be made for New England, all he needed was elite coaching and a winning culture. 

Russell Wilson

Team leader qualities lie in Russel Wilson.
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While it’s still possible that Wilson could stay in Seattle, there’s good reason to believe he might leave. Wilson is a team leader who’s knows winning even at an early point in his career. As the ‘Legion of Doom’ went away Russell Wilson stayed with his MVP-like numbers. It would be silly for him to leave a talent like DK Metcalf, a place like New England would be his best option of winning another Lombardi. Once again, he can be with a defensive mind head coach and a good supporting cast. 

Jimmy Garropolo 

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With Jimmy G sinking as a player in San Fran post his super bowl appearance, talks of him being gone may be true. It’s up to the front office of the 49ers whether they want Jimmy G to remain the starter. However, if he does move from San Fran, what better place for him than New England? A place where Belichick drafted him and reluctantly let him go. Belichick wanted him to stay in New England. Jimmy G is accustom to the winning culture. And being that he’s been in a winning culture, he may be a good team leader.

Matt Ryan

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The former 2016 MVP hasn’t done well at all after his Super Bowl loss to the Pats. Although it’s not entirely his fault, some of it is. He still had Julio Jones on his team despite the injuries and coaching changes. But make no mistakes, if he goes to New England, he may be the perfect successor to Brady despite him being up there in age.