Tom Brady The Greatest Athlete In Professional Sports

Tom Brady The Greatest Athlete In Professional Sports

The Patriots probably feel bittersweet after Tom Brady won the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick let Brady walk after 20 years and six championships. A year later, Brady is hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as a Buccaneer. The Patriots sit with no quarterback, wide receivers, or tight ends. They do look bad today but they should be back. Belichick got it wrong and didn’t think Brady had anything left in the tank. He will never admit it but it’s a known fact Brady is nowhere near done.

Tom Brady Has Beat Michael Jordan

Brady, after winning the NFC Championship was declared the winningest athlete in professional sports. He is now the greatest athlete in professional sports after beating Mahomes in the Super Bowl. He has now more rings than Michael Jordan which puts him over the top. The Patriots have a lot of work to do and Belichick is on the clock. Nobody thought he’d win the Super Bowl in his first year. Only he did and man did he prove everyone including his former coach wrong.

Tom Brady holding up his 7th Super Bowl trophy

The good thing to come out of Brady winning the Super Bowl is he defended the Patriots Dynasty. There has no repeat of Super Bowl Champions since the 03,04 Patriots. Brady isn’t going away anytime soon and will be back next year. He went to Tampa and changed the culture and brought that team on top. No other athlete has ever done what Brady has done in the modern era. Jordan went to the Washington Wizards and wasn’t the same. Brady defeated the Saints and the Packers on the road. Then Mahomes in the Super Bowl. He’s not only the winningest athlete in professional sports but the greatest athlete in professional sports.

As for the Patriots, this offseason is the most important since Belichick got here. He needs to find a quarterback and build a contending team. Remember, Brady defending Super Bowl Champion and MVP comes to Gillette next year to face the Patriots. That will be a sight to see. Will the Patriots have a contending team? Or will it be Cam Newton, Jarrett Stidham again?

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