Working In Good Faith?

Working In Good Faith?

There is always a comfort in the Chaplin blessing a football team as they go out on the field and try to impose their will on their opponent. One would say they are a minimal part of a teams success but have a long lasting presence overall. So when one man of faith is able to use his presence to gain the knowledge of a sport that has its own day (sunday BTW) there should not be too much of a cause for concern.

Well that is unless you piss of the franchise QB of the Houston Texans’ …but that might be what happened. Reading into a tweet he wrote recently.

One would wonder what he meant… but if you look behind the scenes. You’ll find a pattern that ….might explain what Watson was talking about in that now controversial tweet.

Let me just start with what we all know. Jack Easterby YES did come from being a Chaplain with the New England Patriots, to Football Insider for the Houston Texans … now yes …if you know a person and worked with them well in the past at a job, and you both end up working together at a NEW job. Thats all right …right…everyone should be employed …besides friends get their friends jobs all the time in all walks of life… professional football doesn’t have to be excluded .

However when you have a “history” of working in a place and there is under minding involved on levels not exactly known by everyone like what may or may not happen with the end of Rick Smith tenure as GM of the Houston Texans, as well as the ending of now fired Head Coach Bill O’Brien . A few questions might be asked if being in a position of… a man of the cloth turned football insider who may or may not have a hand in bringing in people he worked with at his old job, (while sharing the same agent Bob LaMonte mind you) and having more of the same way of doing business , might be what Watson was talking about when he said.

Which now has resulted in reports that the Star QB on a very franchise friendly contract wants out of his current home in Houston as the QB of the Texans. So looking at things from (very far away) there are some questions to be asked and finger pointing never solves anything. So it will be interesting how the rest of the post-season plays out. Even more what happens once the offseason starts and where things play out with the now rebuilding Houston Texans.

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