Who Will Be The Next Patriots Quarterback?

Who Will Be The Next Patriots Quarterback?

With Cam Newton and the Patriots parting ways, it’s time to ask the question. Who will be the next bridge quarterback? Belichick has so far failed at bringing in the next guy to replace Tom Brady after trading Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017. But, he still can work his magic as he did in 2000 and select a winner for years to come. The Cam Newton experiment failed miserably and Jarrett Stidham isn’t the guy clearly. Now, is the time to see what Belichick has up his sleeve to get the next franchise quarterback.

Patriots Need A Bridge Quarterback

The Patriots need to find their next bridge quarterback this offseason

In my opinion, they really should do a splash this offseason and get a bridge quarterback. That could get Carson Wentz who is reportedly on the move from the Eagles. Wentz has battled injuries recently but with the right coaching, he could make something out of himself. At least he can actually throw the ball and pass over 100 yards in consecutive games. Belichick has talked highly about Wentz in 2019 saying.

“He can do it all: good arm, athletic, can extend plays, tough kid, can run if he needs to, can make all the throws, get the ball down the field, gets the ball to all his receivers. Uses the backs, tight ends and receivers based on who’s open, his route progression. He’s good at reading defenses. They give him a lot of responsibility at the line of scrimmage to change plays or adjust plays.” If they do get Wentz they need to obviously get actual guys who can catch and tight ends. They can’t role out what they have now next year.

The Patriots could also bring Jimmy Garoppolo back but I’m not sure if he wants to come back to New England. Regardless, they need a decent bridge quarterback that will win them games and make them competitive. They got worse as the season went on this year. They are worse of a team now than they were a year ago. The rebuilding process is way behind with this team because they had Brady. With 2020 being an unusual season with the pandemic they can focus on 2021 with getting their bridge quarterback, drafting a quarterback, and getting guys that can catch.

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