Celtics Debate: Is Jaylen Brown Now The Best Player On The Celtics?

Celtics Debate: Is Jaylen Brown Now The Best Player On The Celtics?

A Celtics debate has risen recently after a great start to the season by Celtics forward Jaylen Brown. Who is the best player on the Celtics?

Hot Start

In 6 games, Jaylen Brown is showing big improvements to his game. After being snubbed last year of an all-star spot, he’s back playing with a purpose. “I’m not disappointed. I think there are a lot of guys that you have to choose from. A lot of guys having a good year,” Brown said last year after finding out he wasn’t chosen. Despite his modest response, he’s showing on the court that voters why voters are incorrect.

Averaging 27.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.2 assists after the first 6 games, he’s put everyone on the radar. It was widely understood that Tatum was the best player on the Celtics roster. However, sports shows began to pick up the Celtics debate and run with the question of whether Brown has passed Tatum. 

First Take Joins Celtics Debate

Jaylen Brown is the best player on the Boston Celtics,” said Kendrick Perkins on the show First Take right after a 42 point performance. He continued, “and now the only edge Jayson Tatum has over Jaylen Brown is his ability to get buckets. Jaylen Brown has taken that next step. He has 0 flaws in his offensive game.” Once the former 2008 champion Perkins said that social media got a hold of it. 

It’s worth noting that Jayson Tatum has been averaging 24.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 3.0 assists so far. The stats between the two are nearly identical. However, it was Tatum who had the ball in his hands in the final moment against the Bucks. A game in which Tatum shot a backboard 3 over the reigning MVP Giannas Antetokounmpo for the win. It was also Tatum who took the key shots last year in the playoffs. Shots in which some were missed. So as far as who the leader is it’s clear that belongs to Tatum. 

Celtics debate grow whether Brown has surpassed Tatum.
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Comparing Stats

As far as the talent goes, Brown has indeed improved his jumper. He’s been shooting 56.9% from the field. That’s a 9% increase from his career average. Brown’s free throw percentage has relatively stayed the same at 37%. But Brown has been shooting from all spots on the floor and making them at a high percentage. His ability to get to the basket is better. However, Brown does shoot 67% from the free throw. He’s more efficient as a scorer, passer, and has always been a good defender. 

 The stats are nearly identical with except for the free throw percentage is a wide margin for Tatum. Whether this 6 game stretch is just a hot streak or not, just give it time. But the Celtics have suffered a few losses despite the production. If Brown has made a leap as a player, then more responsibility should fall on his shoulders. Moving forward, give the Celtics a few more games. 

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