Holiday Season: 4 Things On Boston Fans Wishlist

Holiday Season: 4 Things On Boston Fans Wishlist

Holiday Season is still here and New England fans want offensive weapons for Pats.
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Christmas may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. Sports are in full effect during these cold months. Here’s what’s on the wishlist for Boston fans: 

Offensive Weapons For Patriots This Holiday season

The Patriots offense has been decimal to say the least. Cam Newton has thrown only 5 touchdowns for 10 interceptions so far. His accuracy isn’t the same from his MVP campaign while in North Carolina. Julian Edelman has been out for a few weeks with a injury that took away from an already depleted receiving core. What New England needs are some gifts who can bless them offensively. They need a new quarterback and a wide receiver who’s dependable. New England fans need to put this on top of the list to Santa.

Perhaps a guy such as Julio Jones or AJ Green can be an option for next season. Now the Patriots are officially out of the playoffs and won’t make it. First time since 2008. now the player moving should begin. Jarrett Stidham showed against San Fran that he’s not the guy. 

This Holiday Season All Celtics To Be Healthy 

With Kemba walker out with a knee injury, the Celtics have a lot of figuring out to do during this holiday season. Walker will be out till hopefully January. With another veteran being injured, it almost gives boston deja-vu from last year. Gordon Hayward was out for a string of games, last season which put the Celtics in a tough spot. With the new signing of Tristan Thompson, Coach Brad Stevens will hope to have all his Celtics healthy. If not, expect a lot of issues for the Celtics. Of course, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum’s health is the most important factor as they’ll lead the team. And if they want to make it back to the ECF, C’s will need to be healthy. 

Let Fans Back In Arenas

Part of what makes sports so impactful are the fans in the arena. What good are home games without thousands of screaming people heckling athletes? With this pandemic going on, games are being played in empty arenas. For the 2021 year it would be lovely to have fans back in the arena. If there’s a way to do it safely, then leagues should allow it. Sports is what keeps the morale high of this country. 

Jaylen Brown To Be A All-Star This Season 

Last year Jaylen Brown was left out of the all-star selection. Instead, Raptors forward Pascal Siakam took that spot. The two were able to face off last year in the playoffs as the Celtics won in 7 games. Now Brown is on everybody’s radar in the league. And if the Celtics want to get further than last year, they’ll need Brown’s help to take that next step. Last year Brown averaged 20.3 points and 6.4 rebounds without Hayward and a hurt Kemba. For now, the Celtics will be heavily relying on him and Tatum. So Boston fans will be hoping for Brown to step up and play at the all-star level that he’s capable of. 

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