The Future Of Julian Edelman

The Future Of Julian Edelman

The future of Julian Edelman as a Patriot could be coming to an end. The 34-year-old wide receiver only has 21 catches for 321 yards. All season he’s been battling injuries and landed on injured reserve. Is Edelman finished at receiver? Is he coming back to New England? Or will he join Tom in Tampa? I don’t think he’s coming back to New England mainly because Brady isn’t here. He could sign with Tampa and possibly join his former teammates Brady and Gronk with more of a relaxed head coach.

Edelman’s Obsession With Tom Brady

However, over the years we’ve seen Edelman’s friendship with Brady grow. It seems he wants to be just like his buddy in Tampa. Brady starts TB12, Edelman starts JE11. Brady leaves for another team he has a procedure done on his knee and misses the season. It’s almost like because Brady left Edelman just gave up on the season. That may or may not be true but if he heads to Tampa in the offseason we’ll know he quit on the 2020 Patriots.

Edelman Won’t Be In A Patriots Uniform In 2021

Last year Brady’s final season with the Patriots Edelman played in all 16 games. Now, this year he hasn’t seen the field since October. He had a knee procedure done after Week 6 and that was the season. It’s almost like he threw in the towel cause he saw how the team was doing. It seems Edelman didn’t want to play for a team that wasn’t going to have a shot at the playoffs. Cam Newton coming in at quarterback didn’t work out and Edelman I think saw that early on. He saw where the offense was headed, and it didn’t matter if he was on the field or not.

Edelman is probably done in a Patriots uniform

Edelman Will Probably Play In Tampa

Edelman doesn’t want to play for Belichick he wants to play with his buddy. He has plenty of time to rehab his knee and get ready for next season in Tampa. I don’t rule anything out when it comes to Brady. He got Gronk and Antonio Brown on the Bucs. No doubt Edelman will follow suit and join them. He could’ve had the procedure done in the offseason but decided not to because he knew the Patriots were done.

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