Patriots Historic Run Is Over

Patriots Historic Run Is Over

We can now officially say the Patriots dynasty is now over. The Bills are the first team since 2000 to sweep the Patriots in the division. That is insane. The bottom line is the quarterback is the most important position. If you don’t have a good quarterback you won’t win games. The Patriots had a plan at quarterback in 2014 drafting Garoppolo, but Belichick was overruled and traded him in 2017. Patriots got a sixth Super Bowl and never developed at the position after trading Jimmy. Now, it seems Belichick is sticking it to Kraft for this season for just going with Newton who can’t throw for 100 yards, and finding one in free agency.

The Patriots are just like everybody else now. The dynasty wasn’t going to last forever and was going to end eventually. Will Garoppolo come back to New England who’s been injury prone as of late? Or will the Patriots find a different bridge quarterback? Belichick could just stick it more to Kraft and just resign Cam Newton and get some better talent around him. If I’m Newton though why would I want to come back? Newton’s numbers are so bad that New England may be the only team that will take him back.

The Patriots Dynasty Is Over

The Patriots Dynasty  is over. Now is time to watch the Patriots rebuild

We are looking at a new fresh start for the Patriots going forward. I was eight the last time the Patriots had a losing season. Then they just made the playoffs every year and won Super Bowls. I have no idea what it’s like to root for a Patriots team that isn’t good. Patriots fans are spoiled they can’t remember what losing is like.

Who Will Be The Next Quarterback?

However, if the Patriots find the next quarterback and actual receivers and tight ends they should be alright. They have had zero tight ends since Gronk left. The wide receivers are terrible besides Jakobi Meyers. Stidham hasn’t even started a game for them yet and it may be clear he isn’t the next quarterback.

The Patriots have failed at the quarterback position. When they traded Jimmy they should’ve drafted another quarterback better than Stidham. It’s clear Stidham needs more game experience to really grasp the position. Garoppolo was way more advanced his second year than Stidham is. Could Belichick’s ego be getting in the way and be sticking to Kraft? Now, they have to suffer from the losing seasons and find the next quarterback.

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