Tom Brady Is Leading Over Bill Belichick

Tom Brady Is Leading Over Bill Belichick

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clinching a playoff spot and the Patriots missing the playoffs, Tom Brady is currently winning against Bill Belichick. Does the quarterback matter more or is it the system? The Patriots would be making the playoffs if Brady was the quarterback. It’s a quarterback league and that matters. Brady covered up the roster flaws the Patriots had on offense because he’s just so good. However, not everything is sunshine down in Tampa either. They have yet to beat a good team and haven’t been good in primetime games.

Tom Brady Hasn’t Beaten Belichick Yet

Tom Brady is winning but hasn't beaten Belichick yet

Tom Brady has to at least reach a Super Bowl for him to have a successful season. That roster is stacked with talent and they are a sixth place Wild-Card team. The Patriots not making the playoffs wasn’t expected. They should’ve at least been a Wild -Card team. They had a failing year and currently don’t have a quarterback. The debate as to who mattered more Brady or Belichick is leaning towards Brady. However, if he can’t reach the Super Bowl with that roster, then that’s on coaching and Belichick wins. Belichick would have won the division with the Bucs. They also would be the number one seed.

Belichick is losing at the most important position quarterback. Cam Newton can’t really get the offense and who knows if Stidham is ready yet. At this point, everything is pointing in Brady’s favor. However, he didn’t keep playing to clinch a playoff spot. He kept playing to win a Super Bowl. I don’t think the Bucs can beat the Saints in the playoffs because of coaching. If they beat them at least once this season then I would have a different opinion. Brady has a monstrous first half against the Lions who had no coaches. I want to see that against the Saints or Seattle. Brady doesn’t beat Belichick until he reaches the Super Bowl.

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