Nick Wright is having trouble understanding what a miss is

Nick Wright is having trouble understanding what a miss is

Nick Wright of Fox Sports is not a fan of the Boston sports teams. His track is full of anti-Celtics and Patriots takes. But I literally laughed when I heard his take on Jayson Tatum’s game-winning 3.

Nick Wright? Nick Wrong

On Fox Sports’ First Things First, Wright started his take off on the wrong foot. He argued free throws do not matter. He believes NBA teams do not lose titles because of missed free throws.


I do not know about you, but after an NBA playoff game, one of the first stats I look at are free throws missed. If a team loses a close playoff game shooting 64% from the line, I would go out on a limb and say their poor free-throw shooting cost them the game.

Wright had some thoughts on the ending last night’s Celtics Bucks thriller.

“Here’s the real take, (Tatum’s three) was an egregious miss that was missed so badly it went in,” Wright said. But hold on, he was far from done spinning, I mean, explaining the game’s ending.

“Well, Giannis missed a free throw, barely,” Wright said. “Tatum missed his shot by 4 feet, so badly, that it banked in. It’s a bad shot because he missed it by 3 and a half feet. Neither is a big deal. Giannis’ miss or Tatum’s even worse miss that was missed so bad it went in.”

Just like your living room on Christmas morning, there is a lot to unpack here.

First of all, Wright is using the wrong word here. Tatum’s shot was not a “miss”. It went through the net that hangs underneath the basket. It counted. You betcha. All 3 points too. The scorer was not as concerned with what Tatum was trying to do. So Tatum’s “miss” was more of a… “make”.

Spinning out of control

You also have to love this angle. Antetokounmpo’s free throw attempt was barely a miss. Oh, I am sure the Bucks are paying him $228 million to almost make shots. Just like Milwaukee was thrilled they *almost got to the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

Wright is giving Tatum more flack for actually having his shot go through the basket than Giannis for missing his. That is an interesting strategy. Are we going to start rewarding shots for almost going in? Better yet, we should take away points on ugly shots that still go in. Now we’re talking.

Not to mention, Tatum’s “miss” gave the Celtics the win. Giannis’ near make cost the Bucks a chance to win in overtime. But let us not get bogged down in details. We have hot, sizzling takezzz to fire off.

Tatum called game, not bank

Also, is Wright going to pretend that all-time greats have not fortunately banked in game-winning jumpers at the buzzer? Or as Wright would say, “misses”?

Kobe’s? Nope. Bad miss.

Magic’s? That did not count, according to Nick Wright.

LeBron’s? Nick Wright does love him some LBJ, so he probably thinks LeBron meant to do that.

Pierce’s? Well we all know how Wright feels about Pierce.

Basketball, and throughout sports history, are full of great plays that involved some form of luck. But regardless of how these events happened, or what the players were trying to do, they did, in fact, count.

As far as banking in game-winning jumpers is concerned, I am giving the last word to The Truth.

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