N’Keal Harry’s Lack Of Production

N’Keal Harry’s Lack Of Production

Patriots wide receiver N’Keal Harry has had a rough time in the Patriots’ offense. The former first-round pick in 2019 has been a ghost at times and will it ever get better? Last year Tom Brady didn’t give him the time of day after Harry came back from injury. This year Newton has tried to take him under his wing but his performance has been a disappointment. So far this season Harry has had 29  catches on 49 targets for 277 yards and two touchdowns. For a guy in his second year, he should be better. Jakobi Meyers has had a better season than him.

Harry’s trainer took some heat after comments he made to USA Today. Rischad Whitfield told Henry McKenna “We’ve got a new quarterback. We’ve got to put some of that (expletive) on Cam, Cam hasn’t been the most accurate this year. Like if (N’Keal) had Tom Brady, Tom Brady would’ve fed him. But we’re back there with Cam and Cam’s getting acclimated to the offense, too.”

N’Keal Harry’s Trainer Has His Words Manipulated

Apparently, those quotes were taken out of context which is what the media loves to do. Whitfield went on WEEI to clarify those comments claiming the reporter twisted his words around. “He took a lot of stuff I said and misquoted it big-time. I wish he would tell you all the questions he would ask me. It was weird because I figured this dude was picking at something. It was really weird. But, you know what, the kid played with Tom Brady last year and he’s playing with Cam Newton this year. There was no install this offseason. N’Keal went straight from offseason training to training camp down in New England so there wasn’t much time for him and Cam to build chemistry. That’s all I said.”

Which makes sense cause there was no training camp to give time for harry to build chemistry with Newton. Apparently, he needs a full season while other players like Meyers can adapt more quickly to Newton. Which is fine each player goes at their own pace. However, one could argue Harry shouldn’t have been taken in the first round cause clearly, he’s not first-round talent. As for the media they love to twist things around to get clicks. I’m sure Harry and Newton will speak positively of each other, and that they are both learning each other and growing.

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