Eastern Conference Threats That Stand Between Celtics And Finals

Eastern Conference Threats That Stand Between Celtics And Finals

The eastern conference dynamic has changed drastically since the end of last season. Superstars have been added, coaches changed, and a whole lot of offseason moves occurred. As for the Celtics, they have a few threats standing in between them and the Finals. Are all the teams beatable in the conference? Absolutely. But here’s the list of threats that they have. 

Brooklyn Nets New Favorites In Eastern Conference

Eastern Conference should watch out for the Nets.
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Kevin Durant has moved to the eastern conference. That alone deserves its own headline. The former MVP and 2x champion is coming off his achilles injury. Judging by his play in the preseason, he’s ready and back to dominating. This time Durant is ready to dominate with Kyrie. ESPN, FOX, and all other sports shows have been raving about this team, and rightfully so. Kyrie is the former Celtic. They also have a good core of young guys that really do put an all-around threat to Boston. Brooklyn has star power, shooters, and scorers that match up nicely with the Celtics. New Head Coach Steve Nash has a lot ahead of him. 

Miami Heat Eyes Set On Returning To Eastern Conference Finals

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Jimmy Butler has shown just how elite he was last year. The Miami Heat soared through the eastern conference with relative ease. Beating the Celtics in just 6 games, they have their strong chemistry. This team is feisty and scrappy on defense. Their toughness is made for the playoffs and it showed. They were able to dominate over the MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Now without Jae Crowder who’s now in Phoenix, it’ll be interesting to see where they’ll get that spark from. Bam Adebayo is the all-star dark horse who’s a good rim protector. Young guys like Duncan Robinson and Tyler Hero are dead-eye shooters. Oh, and Goran Dragić is still there. Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley are hype about this squad and rightfully so. 

Milwaukee Bucks Still Have Their MVP 

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Let’s not kid ourselves, the Giannas Antetokounmpo is still among the top players in the league. The former MVP may have had a disappointing playoff but that doesn’t change the fact they’re contenders. Averaging 29.5 points and 13.6 rebounds last year is undoubtedly eye-popping. Throw in the all-star Chris Middleton and a few offseason moves and their back in the picture. The Celtics may not have a superstar that can defend Giannas on their own but then again which team does?

Doc Rivers Looking To Shake Things Up In Philly

Eastern conference should still be aware of Simmons and Embiid.
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Ben Simmons still can’t shoot. But that doesn’t mean that Phill isn’t still a threat in the eastern conference. The Celtics swept them last season with the absence of Simmons. Now they have their star point guard and Doc Rivers at the coach. Joel Embiid is healthy and ready to get back to averaging around 25 and 10. Tobias Harris still an offensive threat. And now the 76ers have sharpshooters in Seth Curry and Danny Green which is what they desperately needed. Philly has shooters and a coach with championship experience. The new-look they have just might be enough to compare with Boston and the other elite teams. 

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