2021 MVP Candidate And How Jayson Tatum Can Be That This Season

2021 MVP can be Jayson Tatum if he plays his cards right.
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In 2021, the MVP award is among the most respected and glorified accomplishments a player can get. As for Jayson Tatum, this upcoming season may his for the taking. Here are some reasons why this upcoming year might be his time.

No Hayward Means More touches

The 22-year-old from St. Louis has grown every year since getting drafted. Last year he took the leap from 15.7 to 23.4 points a game. Consider that with him playing alongside Walker, Brown, and Hayward. The ball was spread out giving Tatum fewer touches. However, with those touches, Tatum was able to be efficient and choose his spots. Now with Hayward gone to Charlotte, it will allow Tatum more shots. 

Hayward wanted a larger role. And with the young rising players in Boston that wasn’t going to happen. Unfortunately, injuries held Hayward back as well. But now he is gone and Tatum now can be the guy who leads the ship. His ability to score on the block is still one of the best amongst guards in the NBA. His handle is cold, his shooting is elite, and can defend 4 positions. 

2021 MVP Candidate Needs To Win And The Celtics Are Elite

Last year the Celtics were 2 games away from going to the NBA finals. However, they lost in 6 games to the Miami Heat in the ECF. Jayson Tatum was the guy who led the squad past the 2019 champs Toronto Raptors. Plenty of playoff games Tatum could drop 40 and scored go-ahead buckets. And to be an MVP you need to win games. This upcoming season, the Celtics will indeed win. 

The only threats in the east are the Bucks, Nets, and Heat. The east teams are tougher than in the past years. Meaning that there will be more eyes on games in the conference. And in this day and age, the fans play a role in who wins. If Tatum shows up in marquee games against other MVP candidates and elite teams then he’ll be a frontrunner. 

The Celtics Are Going To Need Him To Be MVP Level

Clearly the Celtics objective this upcoming season is to win a championship. After coming so close without Hayward, Danny Ainge definitely believes they can win. But Kemba Walker will be out at the beginning of the season due to injury. And now Tatum will not only need to take the next leap to be MVP but to also get to the finals. 

Brad Stevens will need more out of the 3rd pick this season. Tatum possesses the ability to average close to 30 points and rebounds a game. Now how the circumstances are what they are, it’s Brown and Tatum’s team. Brown is just not getting into all-star status while Tatum is jumping to superstardom. Although Tatum is young the time is now for him to lead his team to the finals. And if he can do that, he’ll be an MVP candidate. Especially since he signed his max extension.

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