A Surprising NFL Postseason For Patriot Fans

A Surprising NFL Postseason For Patriot Fans

This year has been full of surprises. Almost no one could have predicted that 2020 would be the year when so much of our normal lives and routines would change. We are still waiting to see how permanent these changes will be, but one thing is for certain: this will be a historic year for the New England Patriots. 

Not only has this NFL season been distorted by the coronavirus, making it historic on a league-wide basis, but the Patriots are at risk of losing their playoff seat. One they have kept warm for many years. Let’s take a look at their chances of making it all the way, and what NFL fans in Boston can do to enjoy the rest of the football season regardless.

Enjoy the Super Bowl No Matter What

While there is nothing like rooting for your favorite hometown team in the big game, there are other ways to have a dog in the fight, so to say. For example, if you do not have a team to root for, you can place an NFL Super Bowl futures bet. This is a great way to take a game that feels irrelevant and bring it closer to home. 

A lot of this is about attitude as well. It can be easy to munch on sour grapes when our team has been out of action for weeks. It takes a degree of maturity to celebrate the happiness of others. So take this as a learning opportunity, especially for Patriot fans who are so used to winning. Even if they do not make it to Super Bowl LV, that is no reason to sit it out.   

In fact, if your friends are more excited because their team is finally in the competition for a ring, feel free to play a supporting role. You can also enjoy the Super Bowl by making the chili dip, braising the ings, and preparing the cooler. This way other people with more at stake can sit back and enjoy. 

Will the Patriots Advance to the Playoffs? 

While the New England Patriots still have a slight chance to make it to the playoffs in the wild card position, the chances are pretty slim. With their recent win over the Arizona Cardinals, their chances of making it to the playoffs have risen to a little more than one in ten. It is good to be realistic about how unlikely it is but there is still hope. 

They will basically need to win every single game remaining in the year. This would allow them to finish 10-6, thus potentially qualifying for a wild card spot. This would virtually guarantee their postseason opportunity. It depends on how their AFC rivals finish their seasons as well. Even losing one game brings their chances down to one in two. This will really have to be a golden finish. 

Keeping You and Your Community Safe

No matter the prospects for your favorite team, our health and that of our loved ones come first. While from a biomedical perspective ideally, we would be completely isolated, as humans, we need a certain level of social interaction to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. So the key is striking a balance.

Going to bars to watch games is especially dangerous. As people crowd in and drink, there tends to be a decent amount of shouting, laughing, and getting close to each other. This is exactly the situation we should be avoiding. 

One way to hang out with people and be safe is to have a set social bubble. These are the people we invite over to watch games. They are the same people, and everyone would agree to limit their other social interactions. This is a great way to reduce the number of contacts while maximizing quality and comfort