Quarterback Position Sticky As Jarrett Stidham Proved He’s Not The Guy

Quarterback Position Sticky As Jarrett Stidham Proved He’s Not The Guy

Quarterback position might be in question once Cam was pulled.
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As for the quarterback position, it’s gotten ugly for the New England Patriots, especially for their foreseeable future. 

Patriots were dealt a loss in a blowout to the Los Angeles Rams 24-3. It was a brutal showing from the offense of New England as they only put up 113 passing yards. The game got so out of hand that Bill Belichick pulled Cam out and put Stidham in. 

Jarrett Stidham Failed To Show Up…

Unfortunately, the second half didn’t do any better as they failed to score even with a fresh quarterback at the snap. The former Duke player completed 5 out of 7 passes for 27 yards. The rushing attack was the only bright side out of the offense. And although there are little weapons to work with for Stidham he needed to show more. 

After the game, Bill Belichick confirmed that Newton is still the starting quarterback for the season. Makes sense considering the Patriots are still in the hunt for the playoffs despite the tough loss. Bill is staying competitive. He’s not attempting to develop Stidham and not ready to ditch Newton just yet. However, the chance was there for a whole half to show the coaches something, but instead, he flopped. 

Quarterback Position Was Iffy Since The Beginning

It was already apparent that Bill Belichick didn’t have that much faith in him. The evidence is right there with the signing of Cam Newton. Stidham was the 133rd pick in 2019 that the Patriots chose to be there after Tom Brady. And with Jimmy G up in San Fransisco, it was his time. Instead, the fight for the starting job went to Newton. Even during games when New England was getting beaten badly like against the 49ers, Cam stayed in. 

Week 4 game against the Kansas City Chiefs shows evidence. Cam Newton tested positive for COVID, resulting in him sitting the AFC battle out. In response, Bill decided to go with the veteran back up Brian Hoyer. The decision raised some eyebrows. Considering that the game would have been a perfect opportunity for the young guy to show what he can do. Instead, he sat on the sidelines and now we know why. 

Belichick Gives Quarterback Chances In The Past

This next offseason expect a change in the quarterback position. A drastic change. There’s been a few times Stidham has gotten his opportunity to show what he can do. Look at Jimmy Garoppolo and where he ended up when given the shot. Or Tom Brady some decades ago when Drew Bledsoe went down. Even Jacoby Brissett had the chance that led him to a starting spot with the Colts. Matt Cassell stepped up with an 11-5 record when Brady went down with an ACL injury as well. Belichick gives his quarterbacks a shot when the time comes but not this time. 

The Patriots are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. But with this loss it makes the possibility that much more bleak. After the game with the Rams, Bill still is sticking with Cam. Showing that perhaps Stidham hasn’t appeared that good even in training camp. 

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