Jarrett Stidham should be The Quarterback

Jarrett Stidham should be The Quarterback

After Thursday’s loss to the Rams, I think it’s safe to say the Patriots season is over. They most likely won’t make the playoffs, and even if they squeak in they’ll be bounced in the first round. They aren’t a good football team and their record shows that. Cam Newton can’t throw and isn’t the player he was in 2015. It’s time to go with quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

You’ve seen all you can with Newton. Even in the Chargers win, he didn’t throw for over 100 yards. On Thursday he only threw for 119 yards and one interception. If the defense doesn’t do its job they will lose because they don’t have an offense. Stidham deserves a shot at what you could have for the future. Forget this season this team is going nowhere. Who knows if Stidham is the answer but, you don’t know if he doesn’t get a full week of practice and start a game.

Will Quarterback Jarrett Stidham Start A Game This Season?

Quarterback Jarrett Stidham and Cam Newton with Josh McDaniels
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Why is Belichick still going with Newton? To fulfill the contract. Newton trusts Belichick and Belichick trusts Newton. He has come in stayed on course and tried to restart his career. He hasn’t had a good season but Belichick isn’t going to wave the white flag on the season by benching Newton. That would send a clear message that the season is over. But, the season is over. It’s been 18 years since they lost 7 games in a season. However, they have no talent and can’t move the ball in the passing game. You have to be able to throw the ball in the NFL. They can’t with Newton under center.

For the next three weeks, you’ll hear the questions about the quarterback position and the same answer by Bill. Maybe next year they have a full offseason with a preseason and Stidham will be the starter. Or they may just resign Newton cause he is a culture fit. However, he has to be able to play the position and he clearly can’t.

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