The Quarter-Bucks: 5 Kinds Of Popular NFL Betting

If you’re interested to know more about the types of National Football League betting, take a seat because you’re in the right place! NFL betting is a risky but fun hobby, or for some, a thrilling game. Some experienced bettors do not watch just because of their favorite teams or the excitement that the game makes them feel. They are also into it because of the thrill that they get when betting.

If you’re intrigued by NFL betting, you must first understand the rules of the types of betting in the game. To provide you with more details, take a look at these five kinds of NFL betting that might spark some interest in you. 

The Money Line Betting

Money line betting is easy to understand. Before proceeding, you must first identify the odds placed on each competing team. You can look up the latest odds at Fanduel to know more about each team’s odds. After you have identified their odds, it is now time to decide which team you would bet on for the money line.

In money line betting, you have to choose to place a $100 bet for the underdog or win $100 for every odd placed on the favorite. What do I mean by that? Say, for example, the odds for Pittsburgh Steelers is + 250 (A plus means they’re the underdog), and their opposing team is the Kansas City Chiefs, which has a – 200 odds (a minus sign implies they’re the favorite). 

So, if you choose Kansas, you would need to bet $200 for every 100$ profit. But if you choose the underdog, you only need to bet $100. If the Steelers win, your $100 will be multiplied by 2.5 (+250), so you will earn $250.

The Totals Betting 

The totals betting, also called the over/under betting, is just easy to understand. In this betting, you don’t need to choose which team will win. You have to choose between over or under based on the score that the bookmaker will provide you. You choose to bet if the final score will be either above or below the score that the bookmaker has set in place compared to both teams’ total score.

For example, 47.5 is placed in the match between the Los Angeles Rams versus Tennessee Titans. You are not obliged to choose which team will win. You just decide if both teams’ total final score will be over 47.5 or under 47.5. So if you choose to bet on “over,” and the total score of both teams is 48, you win and get your stake. But if the total score will just be 47, then obviously you lose.

The Parlays Betting

In a parlay bet, you get to choose one or more teams to bet on. Meaning, you get to win big money if all the teams you bet on will win. However, if 1 of those teams do not win their match, you lose all the stake you placed. You can select different types of betting in each team in a parlay bet depending on the bookmaker. Some bookmakers allow a combination of totals betting, money line betting, and point spread.

However, in most bookmakers, you cannot bet on two or more types of betting in just a single game. Each game must only have one kind of betting. Some bookmakers do permit many events (types of betting) in a parlay bet. But other bookies, however, impose a limit.

The Futures Betting

In a futures bet, you predict a future outcome for the season. Meaning, future bets are usually decided before the current season ends. In most cases, futures betting takes months before a result has finally conspired. 

Typically, bettors place wagers on which teams will win Major NFL Championships or Titles. And bookmakers will post odds on each team so that bettors can decide to predict which team they choose to win a major title. 

The Point Spreads Betting

In this type of bet, you choose to bet one of two teams, the favorite and the underdog, based on the point spread. If you select the favorite and they won more than the point spread, win your bet. However, if you choose the underdog team and lose less than the point spread or force to win the game, you win your bet.

For example, the bookmaker will set a point spread of -4.5 for the Los Angeles Rams and +4.5 for the Buffalo Bills. The minus sign means the Rams are the favorite, while the plus sign indicates that the Bills are the underdog. If you bet on the Rams and won by more than 4.5 points, you win your bet. However, if you bet on the underdog, which is the Bills, they need to lose by 4.5 points or ultimately win the game for you to win your bet.


Studying the rules and familiarizing the differences of each kind of NFL betting will give you clarity on how each of them works, and an idea on which of them sparks an interest in you. But above all this, remember to practice self-discipline to avoid irrational judgment every time you decide to bet on each type of NFL betting.