10 Techniques to Avoid Disaster In Your Next NFL Fantasy League Plays

One of the best ways to enjoy the NFL season is to participate in its fantasy games. It’s not common to see football fans of all ages and genders watching every game, but DFS football has done an amazing job gathering them. Given that many fantasy football games are coming out in any bookies and offer massive prizes, it’s no wonder why many fans and bettors want to participate.

Now that the 2020 NFL season is on its fourth playoff week, you can look forward to many fantasy games it brings. Remember that DFS football is an excellent way to earn money while building a team you dreamt about. You can also play the categories you are most comfortable with and compete with other fantasy players as much as you can.

While there is so much excitement to look forward to when betting on DFS football, some players might still commit an error and practice wrong ways of picking the right roster. Hence, whether you are a vet or newbie DFS football punter, here are the necessary Fantasy Football advice you must heed to avoid disaster plays.

Comprehend the League Rules

Before you take your chance of betting DFS football, the first step you should do is to know and comprehend the league rules.

Familiarize the scoring system it devours as well as the ins and outs of this system. Once you’re done, you must get guided with the maximum number of players you can include in your roster.

Create A Cheat Sheet

The NFL Draft takes place before the regular football season starts. It is the most crucial part of making your fantasy picks because it is where every team forms their next lineup.

As a DFS football bettor, you need to create a cheat sheet when drafting to know the current player ranking, scoring, and overall statistics.

Pay Attention To Injuries and Suspension

Paying attention to every injury and player suspension is perhaps the most essential factor to consider before playing DFS football.

Inevitably, football players may incur injuries in the most expected time that can affect their performance. As a fantasy player, you need to find replacement talents once your initial picks suffer from injuries.

Anticipate Player Movements

Like other fantasy football bettors, they also aim to win big more than you do. They make sure that they come up with a solid lineup and take advantage of who’s the best players in the NFL today.

Anticipating every player’s playing performance means knowing how they get ranked in their position every week so you get guided whether you change talents or keep the same list.

Notice Positional Drop-Offs

Some football players might underdo positional drop-offs. Some factors that can affect this are either injuries or coaches’ decision to rest and utilize other players.

When your initial pick performed weaker in the past, you must decide on replacing them or go to other fantasy bettors as they might no longer be effective.

Take Advantage Of Bye Weeks

Bye weeks in DFS football means a player is taking a rest in the next plays. Tight ends and quarterbacks are the most common positions that usually take a bye week. Ensure to follow through each player bye weeks to find replacement talents that can perform the same with your initial picks.

Don’t Exaggerate In Picking the Sleepers

One of the biggest mistakes that every DFS bettor makes every year is thinking of big sleepers who can come out as breakout players.

Just because you feel that a specific player can make miracles doesn’t mean you have to pick them right away. Although it’s not bad to risk for them, you still need to consider their past and current performances.

Defense And Kicker Must Be Your Final Two Picks

The defense and the kicker are the two most prominent positions you should consider in DFS football. When you are on the stage of forming your next fantasy football team, consider your final two picks for these positions.

Stay Away From Big Favorites

The feelings and emotions you feel towards a football player should never overpower when forming your fantasy football teams. Some bettors make a huge mistake of considering their favorite players yet getting disappointed because they do not score well. Always exert an effort to compare each player’s statistics regardless of whether they’re the DFS NFL favorites or the dogs.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are lucky enough, your first fantasy football game might come victorious. But in most cases, you have to go through many losses before you get successful. If this happens, do not get disappointed. Keep on practicing until you master the art of winning DFS plays.


If you think that forming a DFS football team is a piece of cake, think again. It is a sports betting game that involves huge payouts, and bettors have to be sure to pick the most powerful lineup. To join the successful DFS bettors bandwagon, do not hesitate to apply the steps above to win considerably.