2020-21 NBA Season Starts Dec 22nd: What To Look Out For

2020-21 NBA Season Starts Dec 22nd: What To Look Out For

2020-21 NBA Season will include a ton of Superstars retuning to the hardwood.
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According to NBA.com the 2020-21 season is set to begin on December 22nd. With it being a couple days before Christmas, fans will be able to fully enjoy the holiday with sports. However, as for the athletes, the quick turnaround season may cause some issues. 

Training camp will start Tuesday. The preseason will be next week. And the playoffs will be on May 22nd. Teams will play each other consecutively in series. While they’re playing the same team, it will be in the same city until they move on to the next team. Here are some things to look out for.

Fatigue From The Previous Season

The 2020 season just ended a few months ago with the Lakers winning the finals. And now a few months later players will be back on the floor. The postseason games in the bubble was a grueling one. Every other day was a hard-playing 48-minute basketball game. There was no layoff in play. Maybe the young guys with fresh legs are accustom to it, but not the veterans. 

Players such as LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and more older guys to have ‘load management’. The beginning of the season may see a few sloppy plays do to this. After a few weeks, expect to see superstars get back to the groove of things. Especially the ones who played long into the playoffs last season. 

2020-21 NBA Season Unexpectedness 

If last season has shown us anything it’s that expect the unexpected. With a whole pandemic still happening, social injustice still alive, and more who knows what will happen. But if the NBA does as great of a job they did last season then it can work. However, that won’t solve everything. 

With such a quick turnaround and still 72 games to be played in the regular season, injuries await. Fingers crossed as the NBA is better off with nobody injured but that’s not feasible. If players are not getting their body ready that injuries may occur. It’s also worth noting how they will handle mid-season signings. 

Whether Chemistry Will Be All Out Of Whack

This quick turnaround means that players will spend time away from their families. With that, it may cause some players to not be fully focused. Considering some players will be playing on Christmas doesn’t help either. Throw in a short training camp and preseason, nobody will exactly know what to expect out the gate.

With so much action going on this offseason, a bunch of teams look completely different. From former playoff teams now lackluster to Brooklyn getting KD and Kyrie back. Players will have to learn to play together fast if they want to make some noise in the playoffs. This 2020-21 NBA season may be the most important ever. 

If the Clippers taught us one thing it’s that it’s not enough to just look good on paper. Teams have to actually know how to play to their strengths. And now with head coaching changes, trades, free-agent signings, the rookie class anything is possible. Superstars will emerge and upsets will happen, the NBA season is back.

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