Thanksgiving Edition: Things To Be Grateful For As A Boston Fan

Thanksgiving Edition: Things To Be Grateful For As A Boston Fan

Thanksgiving is here and Jayson Tatum is here to stay in Boston for 5 more years.
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It’s Thanksgiving time and the holidays are among us. 2020 has been full of disappointments for more reasons other than sports. Last month, Halloween showed the downsides of what’s currently happening in Boston sports. However, here’s a few things to be grateful for. 

Bill Belichick Is Still With Us

It’s easy to get caught up in the 4-6 record that the New England Patriots have. And the departure of Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay doesn’t help either. Throw in a few coaches leaving and striving with their respective teams as well. Also can’t forget how COVID-19 has impacted the roster, having players choose to not participate this season. But despite a new look as a team, one thing still remains, Boston fans still have Bill Belichick. 

At 68, Belichick is still in New England fighting for a playoff spot despite the lack of depth on offense. With little budget, no known receivers, Edelman out, and more he’s still stays competitive every week. Fans should be grateful.

Jayson Tatum Is Here To Stay For Thanksgiving And More

With all of the trades and free-agent signings, the Celtics flew under the radar as far as star power is concerned. The most notable move being Gordon Hayward choosing to opt out and move to Charlotte. Thankfully, Celtic fans can rest easy this Thanksgiving now that Jayson Tatum chose to re-sign. 

The young all-star agreed to a 5-year $195 million contract extension this week. At 22 years old he already has playoff experience and a ton of upside. Along with averaging well over 20 points and 7 rebounds last season. Now that the keys are officially in his hands for Brad Steven’s offense, Boston should be comfortable and thankful. 

Other Celtics Offseason Signs

The frontcourt issues have been nearly resolved thanks to the signing of Tristan Thompson. Ainge signed a guy who has championship experience and doesn’t need a play called for him. Also, Jeff Teague is also a guy who adds depth in the backcourt. With Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart already on board, the Celtics are deep at point guard. Despite the absence of Hayward, Boston is still a threat in the east. 

It’s Thanksgiving And We Still Have Sports!

This one is a simple yet very important factor that’s easy to take for granted. Despite players such as Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore testing positive, they’re still healthy. And with all of what’s going on in the world, as fans, we’re still able to sit down and watch sports. This past season we saw the Red Sox and Bruins finish their season. And the Celtics go to the eastern conference finals. Must not forget that each week we’re able to watch NFL games at a high level. 

As many of us are forced to adjust to our lives, we should still be thankful. Our teams and players are in good health and able to compete. And that’s what Thanksgiving is about, being thankful.

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