Tristan Thompson Is Heading To Boston To Solve Front Court Issues

Tristan Thompson Is Heading To Boston To Solve Front Court Issues

Tristan Thompson is now a Celtic
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Celtics signed former Cavelier Tristan Thompson to a two year contract for $19 million. After the departure of Gordon Hayward this week, Boston fans needed some good news. Luckily, Bradley Stevens has added a former NBA champion to his roster. With this sign, it could possibly put an end to the frontcourt issues that Boston has. 

What Tristan Thompson Brings 

Basing Thompson’s overall skill level off of last season would be silly. Since the departure of LeBron James, it’s been him and Kevin Love being the only starters from the 2015-2016 championship season. Even so, Thomspon was still able to average a double-double with 12 points (career-high) and 10.1 rebounds. The Canadian player had a few injuries recently that prevented critics from seeing his full potential, but he can still be reliable. 

Now the Celtics have another above-average center other than Daniel Theis. With Thompson, Brad Stevens no longer has to worry about keeping an eye out on Theis’s minutes. Now there won’t be a good rebounder missing on the floor when Theis needs a breather. Also, Tatum, Brown, and other guards don’t all have to crash the boards. Because of the experience he brings, expect a more winning mentality amongst this team. However, there’s still a concern of the inside scoring even with Tristan Thompson there.

Inside Scoring Is Not Solved

No. But what NBA team has literally no weaknesses? The signing of Thompson definitely helps around the rim inside the paint. Which was something the Celtics desperately needed in the playoffs. Now, against powerful guys like Joel Embiid and Bam Adebayo, there will be some resistance. No longer will you see Jaylen Brown guarding up seven-footers. However, the scoring is still heavily reliant on the guards. 

This past NBA draft just shows that Danny Ainge is looking towards the future. With the young guys Tatum, Brown, and Smart on the rise, he brought even more young guards. Shooters to be exact. And while Kemba is the undersized yet gifted scorer, their Centers aren’t. They might have been defensively talented but they need more inside scoring.

Tatum is the only player on the team that is versatile off of posting up. His athleticism and scoring ability is an undoubted threat. When the Celtics need a bucket, they won’t need Theis or Thompson for that.

Where Does This Put Them In The East?

Considering they lost Gordon Hayward to Charlotte, Celtics might have to give the new guys a chance. Tremont Waters and Tacko Fall made their way up from the G league and maybe getting an opportunity. Aaron Nesmith out of Vanderbilt may see some time on the floor earlier than expected. Along with Payton Pritchard out of Oregon. However, depending on the play of certain players, we won’t know if they’re the best in the east. The Celtics are bigger but not necessarily better.

The question of whether Tristan Thompson will remain healthy for an entire season is huge. He was able to do it early in his career. But due to some off-court issues has deterred his attention from basketball. Most importantly, this is a good move if Thompson shows that he’s committed and reliable. 

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