DJ Lemahieu would be a Perfect Fit for the Red Sox

DJ Lemahieu would be a Perfect Fit for the Red Sox

DJ Lemahieu is the perfect player to fill the Red Sox’s 2nd base hole. Lemahieu recently became a free agent, and the Red Sox could potentially be involved. Ever since Dustin Pedroia went down to injury around 2017, the Red Sox have had a rotating cast of players at second base. Eduardo Nuñez, Brock Holt, and Jose Peraza all attempted to fill this void. Compared to these guys, DJ Lemahieu is on another planet. None of these stand-ins ended up being really consistent. This hole was even present in the 2018 World Series when late-season acquisition Ian Kinsler made an awful error to extend Game 3.

D.J. Lemahieu is miles better than Ian Kinsler

DJ Lemahieu Can Fill the Void

This figurative hole has caused the Red Sox’s ship to take on water for a while now. Who would you guess the last Sox second baseman with higher than Pedroia’s 2017 WAR of 2.5 was? The answer is Mark Bellhorn, in 2004. This again illustrates how the Sox are in need of 2B consistency. Here’s where DJ Lemahieu weighs in.

Lemahieu’s Incredible Stats

Lemahieu was in American League MVP contention this season, being one of 3 finalists. However, Chicago’s Jose Abreu overtook Lemahieu for the award. But this should not take away from the season Lemahieu had in 2020. He hit for an incredible .364 average, which is impressive, despite the shortened season. This average was enough to lead the league. He also led the AL in On Base Percentage, with .421. There is no doubt Lemahieu would have been an AL All-Star in a normal season. These numbers make it even more amazing that Lemahieu is even available to be signed. He will likely get a large contract, but it is interesting to see the Yankees shy away from paying Lemahieu. Lemahieu also posted a fielding percentage above .900, showing how he is an incredibly well-rounded player.

In all, if the Red Sox end up with Lemahieu, the front office should be praised. It seems somewhat unlikely, but the Red Sox’s miserable luxury tax resetting season has set the stage for them to be spenders this offseason. The Red Sox definitely have the space to make a competitive offer. In conclusion, pay the man.

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