The Patriots Should Beat The Texans

The Patriots Should Beat The Texans

The Patriots had a massive win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night. The win was bigger than the Jets win because they were seven-point underdogs. They battled, had a great game plan, and executed it perfectly. Cam Newton is way more down to earth with Jakobi Meyers than Brady was last year.  Now, they travel to Houston to take on the Texans. The Patriots lost to Houston last year but are 4-1 in the last five regular-season games against the Texans.

Big Game Sunday For The Patriots Against The Texans

The Patriots should improve their record to 5-5 on Sunday afternoon in Houston. There is no excuse for the Patriots to lose this game. They seem to be finding their identity in recent weeks and improving. If the Patriots don’t have mistakes they should win the game. The running game should be a key factor on Sunday. However, running backs Damien Harris and Rex Burkhead have taken charge so far and done well. They have averaged 161.1 yards per game running the ball. The Texans are terrible at stopping the run. They’ve given up 291 yards, and 1,507 yards per attempt.

Cam Newton against the Baltimore Ravens. He now plays the Texans on Sunday

In the passing game, I think Cam and Meyers will connect even more. Meyers is Newton’s only reliable receiver. Secondly, Harry is used for blocking, and thirdly, nobody knows if Edelman will play in this game. Expect Meyers to have a big day like last week against Baltimore. On the defensive side, Belichick says they are hard to defend.

This is probably as explosive or more explosive a group than any in the league, certainly anyone we’ve seen. The tight ends are good, the backs are good, the quarterback’s good and they have depth and quality at receiver. From Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller Kenny Stills, Randall Cobb. It’s a very explosive team. They move the ball. They don’t turn the ball over. “

Finally, the Patriots should win by two touchdowns against this team. If they can take down Baltimore by a wide margin they can beat a 2-7 bad Texans team. There is a chance the Patriots make the playoffs, but they have to keep winning these games.

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