AFC East: What Will Need To Happen For Patriots To Win Division

AFC East: What Will Need To Happen For Patriots To Win Division

Patriots and Jets went at it on MNF in a AFC East battle.
Image Via Jets Wire – USA Today

After an AFC East win over the New York Jets on MNF, the Patriots hopes may not have died just yet. There are still some possibilities for New England fans if they want to regain the division. And now at a 3-5 record, it will be hard, but possible. 

Jets Continue To Stank Up AFC East

After the recent 30-27 win against the Jets due to a Nick Foles field goal, the Jets are 0-9. Making them the worst team in the NFL. Thanks to the departure of Le’Veon Bell, Jamal Adams, and Sam Darnold benched the Jets stank. And they don’t appear to be getting any better with Joe Flacco at the helm. 

At this point in their season, it’s nearly impossible for the Jets to catch up. They have on and off the field issues that have been holding them back. Throw in the fact that every decent player has wanted out and you’re left with a 0-9 start. No matter what, the Jets have way too many issues to be in the way of the Patriots’ hopes. 

Tua Plays Like A Rookie 

Rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has started off his professional career with the Miami Dolphins. And in a valiant 2 touchdowns effort this past Sunday, awarded him the win. The 22-year-old stands on the shorter side at 6 feet tall. However, the Dolphins have been on a 4 game winning streak. The first game Tua played against the Rams, he looked less than stellar. And the Patriots will need him to play like a rookie. 

After Ryan Fitzgerald was benched for the rookie, Tua has taken the headlines. Which can get to the head of a young guy. And considering Miami lost the first game to New England, they most likely hoping not to tie records. Right before Christmas, they’ll face off again in what looks to be an important game as of now. But Miami does have a few more tough games to play, which will undoubtedly test Tua’s ability. 

Buffalo Needs A Real Test 

The Buffalo Bills are looking great right now. They just came off an important victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Besides that, they’ve seem to have struggles against well-coached teams. Considering the fact they’ve lost to the Chiefs and Titans, there may be more than experts are leading on. The Bills are good, but it’s just how good is the question. 

Considering they weren’t able to stop the MVP like Russel Wilson and his offense. And that the Patriots were one play away last week from either tying or winning the game. The Bills may have had a roll of luck in a few games. That isn’t to say they don’t deserve to be at the top spot in the AFC East, but their spot may not be as solidified. So if New England can string together a few more wins, this division can get interesting as the colder months come.

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