Chase Winovich Needs To Watch What He Says

Chase Winovich Needs To Watch What He Says

The Patriots have a big game Monday night against the New York Jets. The 2-5 Pats have been off since the Raiders game. Has for Chase Winovich his snap count has gone down. Winovich may not be getting the snaps because Belichick isn’t using him to his full potential. However, the comments he made on Zolak and Bertrand on 985 The Sports Hub Thursday was concern

Winovich Puts his Foot In His Mouth

Chase Winovich  reduced Playing time.
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Winovich has done this weekly radio appearance on the Sports Hub for weeks now. It’s probably one of the best interviews on the radio. However, for him, he seems to always put his foot in his mouth. He told Zolak and Bertrand today he doesn’t understand the game plans. Here is the exact quote

“Yeah, to be honest sometimes I don’t really quite understand the gameplan, in terms of what goes into it and the snap count and all that stuff, but that is what it is and the past three weeks have been a challenge, for sure. But it’s easy making plays for me, it’s tougher to kind of be idle while that goes on. But at the end of the day, this is a great opportunity, it’s a new week. Just to be able to go out and practice with my teammates and try to do what I can to help us win, I’m excited for it.”

First of all, why would you say you don’t understand the game plan publicly? Why not just talk it over with the coaches so you can improve. Then you might get more playing time. To admit that you don’t understand the game plan is the reason he isn’t playing. That is not something Belichick likes on his team. He likes guys that say very little. Winovich seems like he tries but sometimes he slips and says something he shouldn’t.

Chase Winovich May Not play Monday Night After Those Comments

The Patriot way is all about doing your job and just focusing on what you can control. The absolute wrong thing to say is you don’t understand the game plan. If that’s the case number one never say that publicly, and second talk to the coaches about it. Now that he said it publicly, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t even see the field Monday night.

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