Jarrett Stidham Over Cam Newton Should Happen

Jarrett Stidham Over Cam Newton Should Happen

The change needs to happen:

Cam Newton 'embarrassed,' worried about losing Patriots locker room during  slump | Sporting News

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the New England Patriots to make a change in their quarterback position. Cam Newton needs to be benched and Jarrett Stidham deserves a chance. Recently the Patriots dropped (2-5) this season after suffering a tough loss against their division rival, the Buffalo Bills (6-2). The last drive of the game had the Patriots in the red zone when Cam Newton, unfortunately, fumbled the football giving the Bills the win. This has New England losing their fourth straight game in a row. Newton needs to have a better read and control of the football if he wants to remain New England’s starting quarterback. Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, continues to say, “Cams our guy”. The Patriot’s nation believes Newton isn’t the answer for the quarterback position.

Can Jarrett Stidham replace Tom Brady? QB practiced vs. NFL's top defense  and sometimes 'ate us up in practice' - masslive.com

Sorry Cam Newton, Jarrett Stidham needs to start:

Cam Newton has been a good leader, but it’s time to hand the keys over to the second-year pro-Jarrett Stidham. Stidham was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2019 out of Auburn University. Some experts said Stidham would be the future of the organization after Tom Brady left. New England fans were preparing for Jarrett to start this season before the signing of Cam Newton mid-summer due to the lack of quarterback depth on the roster. New England would have nothing to lose by giving Jarrett a chance at some point this season. A change at the position could be the spark that the Patriots need to move the ball downfield and have a chance to win going forward.

What’s next for New England?:

The next opponent for New England is the winless New York Jets (0-8) on Monday night football. This game would be the perfect start for Stidham to take over at quarterback for his first career start. It would be a nice learning curve and experience under his belt. Jarrett’s confidence would be much better after having a whole NFL start on his resume and not like the times he has come into games with them being already over. Look for the Patriots to re-evaluate the quarterbacks in the next few weeks.

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