Is Cam Newton and the Patriots’ 2020 Season Over?

Is Cam Newton and the Patriots’ 2020 Season Over?

The Patriots 2020 season might just be over. After a heart-wrenching loss where the Patriots fell just short of a game-winning drive (again), it’s time to evaluate their realistic playoff chances. The Patriots now sit at 2-5, and at 3rd place in the AFC East. It is highly unlikely they win their division or make the playoffs (barring a Bills collapse).

Patriots Season so far and Upcoming Schedule

In addition, the Patriots are still without Julian Edelman and Stephon Gilmore for the foreseeable few weeks. The Patriots also lost out on a potential tiebreaker they could’ve used to help gain on the Bills. If the Patriots had beat the Bills twice, they could’ve had the tiebreaker advantage over them (if they had the same record). That now seems very unlikely. The Patriots’ new best case scenario is 11-5, which could be enough for the playoffs, but would be hard to achieve. The Patriots would have to beat the Ravens, Cardinals, and Rams, among others, to get to 11-5. Their season this far has been disappointing, but it could end up worse if it continues this way.

Damien Harris fights to save the Patriots Season in Buffalo. via Getty Images.


However, there were some bright spots for the Pats. 2nd Year RB Damien Harris rushed for 100 yards and a TD, which is a good sign for the future. Cam Newton also went turnover-less until the last drive, where he fumbled desperately trying to get closer to the endzone. These performances still weren’t enough to save the Patriots from Buffalo.

After dropping to 2-5, many fans would say this is one of the worst products the Pats have put out in a long time. This Patriots season has however been derailed by Covid, so the Pats do have some excuse for their play. Had this been a normal season, we could be seeing a very different team. But those are just excuses, and the Patriots still could’ve played much better. Their offense has not returned to form ever since their loss in Kansas City. The power run and ‘bully football’ they played in Weeks 1 and 3 have been nowhere to be found. Granted, Damien Harris ran for 100+ yards on the Bills, but Cam didn’t exactly have one of his dominant rushing performances of 75+ yards, despite having a touchdown.

In all, the Patriots have seemingly fallen back to earth in this odd 2020 season. Their future now seems uncertain, and this 4 game losing streak has been demoralizing. I’d like to think they could rattle off 9 wins, but that seems to be only the mindset of the Patriots of the 00s and 10s. Who can predict what the 20s hold for the Patriots? As we enter uncharted territory as Patriots fans, we can only hope for the best.

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