Scary Boston Situations Right Now In October Part 2

Scary Boston Situations Right Now In October Part 2

Julian Edelman is out with a scary knee injury.
Image Via The Boston Globe

Julian Edelman Out With Scary Injury

3 time Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman will be out for this and future games to come. After undergoing knee surgery, Edelman will be out for a ‘period of time’. Leaving New England with even more scary wide receiver issues. 

There was no surprise that the Patriots were missing some key players on offense. With Edelman their offense still needed help. After this, it will only cause more worries for Boston fans. Edelman has been fighting through pain this entire season. Although up to this point he didn’t miss a game this season. Nonetheless, more problems arise for the Patriots offense as they try to move up from the 3rd place in the AFC. 

Perhaps the Patriots will become more serious with picking up players before the trade deadline. If not, they will need to rely more on the running game and defense to win. 

Scary Newton Play Puts Starting Spot in Question

During a disappointing performance all around against the San Fransisco 49ers, Cam Newton was benched in the 4th. And although it was an all-around team effort blame for their loss, the offense should take the blame. Despite receivers not getting open, Newton’s passes weren’t good either. 

The accuracy and zip on the ball haven’t been up to par. Especially to what we’re accustomed to from the Patriots quarterbacks. And judging from the game against Kansas City, where Newton sat out, the second-string quarterback isn’t promising either. 


No question that this pandemic has affected this entire country, not just sports fans. Stephon Gilmore had to miss a game due to testing positive. Cam Newton also missed a game against the Chiefs due to COVID. Because of that, it played an impact on the 2-4 start for the Patriots. Of course, part of the poor start is due to the overall play but still.

Even during the NBA playoffs, Gordon Hayward returned to the bubble after an ankle injury. When he returned, he had to quarantine himself for a set period before he could return to the floor. And because of that, it took a while for him to get back in the flow of things. Hayward was dropped right into the conference finals against a tough Miami Heat team. If brought in sooner, the outcome of the season may have changed. Also, the NBA season postponed and later played in a bubble is impactful. 

COVID In The Future

If players test positive they will be sitting out for a game or more. And as the Patriots season gets into the more important games, it will be crucial for everyone to play. As for other teams that are now in their offseason, hopefully, an answer for this virus and issue will arise. Until then, expect a few more scary situations of key players sitting out of games. Resulting in more rough situations for ball clubs. 

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