Bobby Orr endorses Donald Trump for re-election

Bobby Orr endorses Donald Trump for re-election

Boston icon and hockey hall of famer Bobby Orr has publicly given his support to a Donald Trump re-election. This past Friday, Orr took out a full page ad in New Hampshire Union Leader to show his backing of the sitting President.

The picture above his message shows Orr, his wife, Peggy, and President Trump grinning and giving a “thumbs up”.

“Our current President has had to operate under extremely difficult conditions over the past several years,” Orr wrote. “The attacks on our President have been unrelenting since the day he took office. Despite that, President Trump has delivered for all the American people, regardless of race, gender or station in life.”

Orr does acknowledge that there are aspects of a Trump Presidency that is a turn off for many. But then mentions that voters should look past those characteristics.

“Perhaps you do not like his tweets or how the President says things sometimes, and that is your right,” Orr wrote. “But remember this is not a personality contest; it’s about policies and the people those policies assist.”

Orr’s endorsement of Trump caused quite the reaction on social media. Many claimed to be disappointed in Orr, while others pointed to his years as a humanitarian as better judge of him as a person.

Now there is certainly nothing wrong with criticizing Orr’s political stance. Backing someone as controversial as Trump will never fail to cause a reaction. However, I have a real problem with people arguing this means Orr’s character should be called into question.

Countless of people, both in and out of Boston, describe Orr as the nicest professional athlete of all time. He has been incredibly gracious with his time over the years, always helping out with charities and those less privileged than himself. He has done great work for the Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Twitter was full stories describing Orr as a tremendous, caring person. He is the type that genuinely wants to know how someone is doing when he asks how their day. As much as you might disagree with his politics, you cannot deny the fact he is still a great person.

What really annoys me is thinking about the people who are judging and criticizing Orr. I would be very confident in assuming Orr has done more for charity and people in need than those lambasting him on Twitter. These people should spend more of their time trying to do good for society. You know, like how Orr is constantly living.

We are not defined by who we vote for or what we think politically. How we act and treat others is a lot more important than our stance on a candidate. We will only continue to become more divided as a nation if we keep equating someone’s politics to their character.

While you are completely in your right to disagree with Orr on his politics, you are wrong if you believe his political opinions outweigh the good he has done in his life.

Story by Chad Jones

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