Halloween Edition: Scary Boston Situations Right Now Part 1

Halloween Edition: Scary Boston Situations Right Now Part 1

Mookie Betts won his second championship around Halloween time with the Dodgers.
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It’s Halloween time and it’s been a rough time for Boston fans. Los Angeles has won both championships in Basketball and Baseball. As for the Celtics and Bruins, both teams only made it as far as the finals. However, the future is bright for Boston fans. But for now, let’s look at the scary situations we’re in right now.

Brady Is Winning In Tampa

The Patriots stand at a 2-4 start to the NFL season landing them 3rd in the AFC East. Although some adjustments will be made before December, there’s a concern for Patriot fans. The defense is good, but Cam hasn’t been able to get it together. Moving the ball down the field has been a struggle. As for our former quarterback, he’s having the time of his life.

Everyone in New England knows that it was Tom Brady’s choice to leave New England. Now he’s in Tampa Bay at the top of his division at a 5-2 record. Brady has rejoined his old teammate Rob Gronkowski and hasn’t looked back. Throw in Antonio Brown joining Tom and you have a 43-year-old quarterbacks dream. Too bad this isn’t happening in New England.

Halloween Gordon Hayward Trade Talks 

The Boston Celtics had a pretty impressive season when considering the circumstances. Coach Brad Stevens brought his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, a loss to the Miami Heat in game 6 ended their championship hopes. And now, talks of Gordon Hayward choosing to opt-out his contract is a real reality. 

The former all-star was injured for most of the playoffs but showed promise when on the court. Averaging around 17 points a game, he made a major contribution to the Celtics. But thanks to the up and rising stars, the team getting younger, and COVID-19 things might be changing. If Hayward does indeed choose to not stay with the Celtics, talks of trade can happen. Which is scary considering how much he fits their system.

Although this Halloween scary situation may cause concern, there may be an upside. If a trade does happen, Haywards’ worth may reward Ainge with another star. Rumors’ possibilities such as Victor Oladipo or Paul George can happen. Or maybe even Andre Drummond from free agency can be in the works.

Mookie Betts…

The Los Angeles Dodger are the 2020 MLB World Series Champions. And for the former Red Sox right fielder, he earned his second championship in three years. Some may consider this to be amongst the top blunder trades to happen in Sox history. With a year left on his contract, management decided to trade Betts instead of seeing him walk for nothing. 

In an interview, Betts believed he’d be a Red Sox ‘for life’ which stings for Boston fans. The 28-year-old doesn’t appear to be slowing down in his play either. And considering the situation we have in Boston now, we’d like that one back. Talk about Halloween terror.

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