Andre Drummond to Boston: How possible is the union?

Andre Drummond to Boston: How possible is the union?

The Celtics finished a strong comeback season a bit earlier than they would’ve hoped. But regardless, it is a step in the right direction for the young team. And while there is plenty of that young talent, as well as veteran leaders, it seems like they are a bit dry at the big man position, a need that Andre Drummond can fill.

The Cavs and Celtics seem like strong trading partners for a potential scenario. One team is trying to start a rebuild, while the other is looking to add the final piece to an already strong roster. You would assume that the Celtics could send one or two decent young players as well as picks for Drummond.

The potential roadblock in the trade could be the fact that the Cavs may ask for two much. Reports are saying they’re trying to have the return package include Jaylen Brown. Unfortunately for them, the Celtics will likely try to hold onto him unless a lucrative trade is proposed.

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But at the same time, there are many linking Drummond to the Celtics regardless. Myles Turner seems to be the guy that Boston would target first, but Drummond is a strong second option. Contenders who would likely compete for Drummond are teams like the Warriors and Rockets.

The Warriors are similar to the Celtics in that they have plenty of guards and forwards, but lack at the center position. A trade would likely include a Golden State first-round pick, as well as a younger player similar to Eric Paschall. But the asking price could potentially be lower than that, as the market around Drummond has always sporadically.

The Rockets, meanwhile, are very obviously lacking at the center department. But their issue arises with the fact that they don’t have any clear pieces that they would trade for Drummond. They have a set of strong starters and bench players, all of which are either too valuable or not valuable enough, in addition to no impressive draft picks.

With reports saying the Celtics front office are carefully monitoring the Drummond situation, a trade could very much be imminent. A likely deal would most likely include multiple first-round picks or potentially even Hayward. Hayward’s value may not match up, as well as the fact the Cavs would still ask for picks in return.

Whether the Celtics trade for Drummond or Myles Turner, or maybe even sign a guy like Tristan Thompson for cheap, expect a move for center help. With the Celtics potentially one move away from a ring, Drummond could be the final piece of the puzzle.

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