Cam Newton: Is His Job On The Line For The Patriots?

Cam Newton: Is His Job On The Line For The Patriots?

When the season started it seemed positive for Cam Newton and the Pats. However, since the Raiders game, he’s been off. It’s now even worse after he came back from his COVID-19 diagnosis. He was benched last week in the second half for Jarrett Stidham. It doesn’t help his best player is James White, but he’s able to make plays and isn’t really helping himself. The only positive is he’s taking accountability. The question is will Jarrett Stidham take over as the starter soon if Newton continues to struggle?

Pats QB Cam Newton from last week's loss to the 49ers.
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One thing Newton does well does not point blame. He takes accountability for his mistakes and has zero excuses. He just needs to carry that over to the field. It doesn’t help that Edelman won’t be on the field Sunday. His knee has been bothering him for quite some time. They are also without N’Keal Harry. It’s Byrd, Meyers, and Gunner for the Patriots on Sunday. Plus Harris, and White in the run game. Sunday’s game against the Bills is a must-win for the Pats. If they win the Pats will be 3-4 and an inch closer to the division. Can’t believe I’m saying that. If they lose and fall to 2-5 they may be sellers at the trade deadline on Tuesday.

Pats QB Cam Newton Talks Ahead Of Sunday’s Game

Cam Newton press conferences are the best so far this season. Even he thinks the game is a must win on so many levels. Getting rid of the ball quicker, making better decisions, and not thinking so much. Newton should just be loose and have fun. He wants to prove he still has the ability to be a good quarterback in the league. Lately, he hasn’t been. Newton was asked what he learned so far being a Patriot, and this was his answer. ” Losing is not acceptable in this locker room, in this county, in this state, in this area, in this region. So, Cameron Newton, you need to pick your expletive up. That’s what I’ve learned.” Probably the best answer a leader should say at that position.

Newton knows his job could be on the line especially with the trade deadline coming up. Could Belichick trade him? Probably not in my opinion. However, you can’t rule out anything with Belichick. Hopefully, the Patriots get a win in Buffalo and start to turn a corner.

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