Tampa Bay Getting Antonio Brown Shows More About Belichick and Brady

Tampa Bay Getting Antonio Brown Shows More About Belichick and Brady

Now Tampa Bay teammates, Antonio Brown high-fiving Tom Brady.
Image Via CBS Sports

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached a one-year deal for up to $2.5 million. Although Brown has reunited with Tom Brady, it shows more about the tension between him and Bill Belichick. 

Last Season

Last season, we saw a Patriots offense struggle week in and out to get points on the boards. Most of it was due to the lack of offensive weapons. Brown was picked up by New England in week 4 against the Dolphins. However, due to off the field issues, he left New England. Leaving a frustrated Brady. 

Now that Brown and Brady are back in a different uniform, perhaps it says more to Belichick. As Brady got older, Bill made more moves to improve the defense. Leaving critics to breakdown Brady to make it seem as if he’s too old to play in the NFL. The argument of who was more important to the Patriots’ success: Bill or Tom? is real. This move shows that both care about this topic. 

Brady wanted Antonio Brown in New England. Despite the sexual allegations against him, Brady let Brown stay in his house during those times. Even with Tom’s children and wife in the house. That alone shows just how much an elite offensive weapon meant for Brady. Without Brown, the Patriots failed to move the ball well. But the defense was revered to be the best in the league. A defense that was mostly credited to Belichick. That’s no accident nor coincidence. 

Antonio Brown & Rob Gronkowski in Tampa Bay Now

This midseason pickup, for significantly less many than he is worth proves something. Not to mention former New England tight end Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement to join Brady as well. Gronk was still in his contract with New England before choosing to retire. Leaving Brady without another offensive weapon. Now that he’s in Tampa Bay, we see Gronk appearing more and more in commercials. Something that he didn’t do too often in New England. Gronk also took a significantly less amount of money to play in Tampa.

Both future hall of fame players Tom and Rob chose to part ways with Belichick. And it’s not for contract negotiation reasons. Last season, Belichick left Brady with no options on offense making him look ‘washed’ and ‘off a cliff’ in some aspects. However, the defense that carried the team defensively is an attest to Bill’s ability. I believe Brady noticed these things and decided to leave New England for those reasons. In an attempt to prove that he played a larger role in the success. 

When Brady landed in Tampa Bay, there’s a reason why guys wanted to play with him. Despite his age, he still performs at a high level. This Antonio Brown trade ignites the argument of who was more responsible for the Patriots dynasty even more. Guys coming out of retirement, free agency, and other teams are coming to play for Brady. There were even talks of Brown signing with Seattle, but he’d rather link up with the GOAT. This will make for an interesting season going forward.