The Patriots Aren’t The Same Without Quarterback Tom Brady

The Patriots Aren’t The Same Without Quarterback Tom Brady

The Patriots are a dreadful team right now. They are so bad that because they don’t have quarterback Tom Brady, they are getting exposed. Brady would be there to bail them out. But now, they don’t have a Brady type of player and it’s showing. The quarterback play is putrid, they have zero receivers, tight ends, and an overrated defense. They are 7-9 at best. The Patriots are going nowhere and it happens to every team when a dynasty ends.

Trent Dilfer was six years early when he said they aren’t good anymore. No, once the greatest of all time left they would be exposed. Players would be able to rally around Tom because of who he was. He’d always come through in the end even last year. The talent was the same a year ago but they started the season 8-0. Brady knew the Patriots weren’t good enough to win and wanted a change.

Quarterback of the Patriots Cam Newton scrambling out of the pocket.

Quarterback Cam Newton Needs To Be Better

You can blame Belichick for not treating Brady with the respect he deserved. Giving him a decent tight end and receivers to throw too. You can blame Brady for being a baby and asking out of his contract in 2018 after the Eagles loss in the Super Bowl. He does that after forcing Kraft and Belichick to trade Garoppolo six months before that. You can also blame Kraft for not sticking with Brady and letting him finish his career in New England.

This team wasn’t going to be the same when Brady left. Didn’t matter if they got Cam Newton. If things got bad there wouldn’t be a savior coming to get them out of a slump. They don’t have that leader anymore. He’s in Tampa throwing touchdowns to receivers and Gronkowski. The Patriots loss to Denver bad yesterday was worse. It looked like the Drew Bledsoe Patriots pre-Brady. It looks like it’s not going to change either. They are in a rebuild whether Patriot fans accept it.

It’s Been A Fun Two Decades

The Patriots even admitted the dynasty was over when they released the all time team of the last two decades. The Patriots had the plan at quarterback in 2014, they chose to keep Brady and win a sixth Super Bowl. I would’ve done the same thing. Now, they are paying the price for not drafting well and having decent talent on offense. Their best player on offense is James White. Edelman is hurt and should be shipped to Tampa he had one catch yesterday. The Patriots won’t be good for awhile. That was also the last time Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will be calling their games. Now, you’ll get so no name and Rich Gannon.

Have no regrets it’s been a great 20 years! The Patriots were the greatest dynasty in sports. Belichick and Brady worked together to bring winning and Super Bowls for two decades. Now, it’s a team that has zero chemistry and in rebuild mode. No more Brady to bail them out, now they must figure it out on their own without Brady.

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