Jimmy Garoppolo Makes His Return To Foxborough

Jimmy Garoppolo Makes His Return To Foxborough

Jimmy Garoppolo makes his return to Foxborough as a San Francisco 49er. Garoppolo was drafted by Bill Belichick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was supposed to take over after Brady but didn’t. Instead, he was traded for a second-round pick in 2017, and the Patriots would win a Super Bowl in 2018.

Jimmy Garoppolo Could’ve Been A Patriot

Now, two years later both Brady and Garoppolo are gone. Was it the right decision? Yes. Sorry Mazz, but I’d take a sixth Super Bowl any day over keeping Garoppolo. He is a good quarterback and probably would be here for a long time. However, the Patriots wouldn’t have won their sixth Super Bowl.

I Take Winning The Super Bowl Over Keeping Garoppolo

Garoppolo could’ve been playing against Brady. Now that Brady is in Tampa he’s going up against Newton. Newton has had a better career than Garoppolo being an MVP. The question is who would be a better fit for the Patriots? That question still remains to be answered. Newton could have an MVP year, the Patriots could make a trade, or he could lead him to the Super Bowl. Garoppolo wouldn’t beat Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship. However, I do think Newton could.

The 49ers almost landed Tom Brady but decided Garoppolo was better going forward. This past offseason, Brady could’ve been a 49er and Garoppolo could’ve come back to New England. The 49ers chose Garoppolo over the greatest of all time. While the Patriots chose Brady and won a Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick has always had high praise for Garoppolo. He held a press conference after he was traded, and even texted him after games. If Belichick had his way he would’ve kept Garoppolo and traded Brady in 2017. However, Brady is different from anyone else at the most important position. Belichick was overruled and traded the next decade for a Super Bowl. Right decision. Always take the ring over anything, cause you don’t know when they’ll get back there again.

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