If The Patriots Are Serious About Anything They Will Not Go After Antonio Brown

If The Patriots Are Serious About Anything They Will Not Go After Antonio Brown

I can’t believe people are still trying to push for this a year later. Fans outside of New England hate us for so many reasons. I will always defend the wall, but I’m rolling with the outsiders on this one. This take is ludicrous and should have been laid to rest a long time ago. It shouldn’t have even been a question once he was cut. Antonio Brown should never wear a Patriots uniform again. He probably shouldn’t wear any uniform again.

I don’t even want to give WEEI the attention they are asking for with this headline. They are a dying brand that is pulling everything they can to save themselves. Antonio Brown is a bad person. There really isn’t anything to dispute there. Time after time he acts recklessly as if he will suffer no consequences because he is was an all-pro receiver.

I think this sentence is what really drove me to fire back at this article. Proven to pass the Foxboro test? Does the criteria include multiple accusations of sexual assault, felony charges of battery and burglary, and throwing penis candies at his ex-wife and police while streaming on Instagram since his release? If that’s the case then my 20+ years as a devoted Patriots fan have been a complete lie. And if it is then they might as well dig up Aaron Hernandez’s dead body and throw a jersey on it because that may provide them more value on the TE position right now.

The Patriots do need more firepower on offense. They have since before the 2019 season. That is why they brought Antonio Brown in last September. But the move happened so that Robert could make his favorite son happy (sorry Jonathan). Jeff Benedict began his new book The Dynasty discussing what occurred inside the Foxboro walls that led to Antonio Brown becoming a Patriot.

Belichick knew he could get Brown after he was cut by the Raiders, but he would need Kraft’s approval, and he would need to act fast. He called RKK and made the proposal, but Kraft was concerned about Brown’s behavior and conduct. Kraft also knew that 2019 would probably be Brady’s last year as a Patriot and the dynasty would be over. Would Brown be worth the risk of going all-in for one last ride?

Kraft called Brady to get his opinion and Brady gave him the “a million percent in” line that Al Michaels dropped on Sunday Night Football. Kraft gave Brady a new toy, and Brown was posting selfies with Brady in his Brookline home before the day was over. Brown played one game with the Patriots and was cut the following Friday after accusations of sexual assault by a former trainer. Let’s not forget how Brown reacted to the team’s decision.

There is plenty of wide-receiver talent rumored to be on the trade block. The Patriots are not that desperate. I’d rather the team roll with The Nobodies currently on the roster than let Brown walk back into their locker room after what has transpired in the last year.

The below is my own video of Antonio Brown’s only touchdown as a New England Patriot. I was fortunate enough to be in Miami for that game to witness what could’ve been. One last F.U. to the league before Brady either retired or moved on, but the team put their trust in the wrong people.

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