NFL Trade Deadline Moves That Best Suit The Patriots Receiving Core

NFL Trade Deadline Moves That Best Suit The Patriots Receiving Core

The NFL trade deadline is Nov 3rd. With that, the New England Patriots are one trade away from being an elite team in the league. Most likely, if they were to make any moves, it would be at the receiver position. 

There’s no secret that the Patriots have a good defense with one of the top corners in the league. Stephon Gilmore may have not played up to his level last year, but he’s still impactful. The running core for the Patriots is among the top if not the best in the league regarding depth. Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, and rising star Damien Harris are huge threats. Can’t forget 2017 hero James White. Cam Newton is a running threat as well. But the fact of the matter is, their receiving core is the weakest link. So here are the best options for the Pats before the trade deadline. 

Julio Jones

This may be the best possible outcome out of all of them. The Falcons never recovered from the comeback lost in the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Matt Ryan has been less than favorable, they lost coaches and key players. Julio Jones hasn’t been targeted nearly as much. And when he is targeted he’s the key focus on most defenses. With no other threats, it makes for low production from the 6’3 receiver. 

At 31 years of age, he’s still a large target and a big threat. His route running is crisp, hands are elite, and he’s no issue in the locker room. With him and Julian Edelman, it would make for Cam to have plenty of options. Making New England a top 5 squad. 

AJ Green

Although not his fault, Green has been injured often for the past few years. The Bengals also finally got rid of Andy Dalton along with coaching changes. However, as a veteran in the league, Green deserves a real contender of a team. New England may just be that team. Considering if Green can stay healthy. 

Zach Ertz

The Eagles moves in the past few years have been head-scratching since their Super Bowl win. Getting rid of Nick Foles, keeping players that were distractions, and more have hurt them. Now the Eagles ended contract talks with Ertz for the next season. Especially now that the Eagles haven’t gotten to a great start with a struggling Carson Wentz. This may be the least surprising move on this list. 

We’ve all seen what Belichick can do when he has a great tight end. A big guy like Ertz mixed in with Newton only makes for success. Even dating back to Cam Newton having Greg Olsen on his squad. Newton also loves big targets at tight end. This may make the most sense on this list. Although I wouldn’t be sure if this move would take New England over the hump.

The Patriots need another offensive weapon if they want to get serious for a super bowl. And these guys on this list may be a good starting point. Before the NFL trade deadline, pay attention to what they do. 

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Written by Kevin Perrington-Turner

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