Offseason Questions For Danny Ainge And The Celtics

Offseason Questions For Danny Ainge And The Celtics

After the longest NBA season ever, the finals are now over and it’s time for the offseason. And with a trip to the eastern conference finals, the Celtics moves will be even more critical. Free agency, player development, trades, and everything else will be important these next months for Danny Ainge. So here are the biggest questions for the Celtics this offseason.

Gordan Hayward And Whether He’ll Stay

This one seems silly to me but apparently not the internet. Images and speculations have been swirling of possible trades of Hayward. How it could be a possibility that he’s being shopped around for a more athletic and reliable guy, he fits too well in the system. Formerly playing for coach Brad Stevens in his college days, they’ve grown accustomed to another. However, that doesn’t make it completely out of reach of a trade.

There’s no secret the Celtics need help in the frontcourt. With the likes of Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown they can afford to lose a guy. Especially a guy who’s been injured nearly half the time he’s been on the court. So an eye out to see what happens next will be key.

Staying In-House With Front Court Development 

Danny Ainge could choose to stay in house to solve his frontcourt issues. Doing so would be considered rolling the dice. Daniel Theis did play very well in the playoff run they had, but offensively, they need better. He can occasionally shoot the three but his post-game is nonexistent. He’s an above-average defender but is a liability against all-star centers who have a good team.

Then you have the young Robert Williams and Tacko Fall. Two very tall guys with even taller wingspans. Fall is 7’6 but doesn’t get off his feet quick enough. And when going against guys like the Joker or Giannas, he can be taken advantage of. Williams is a young athletic guy who has a lot of upside. He can jump out of the gym, run the floor, and finish with tenacity over defenders. But skill-wise Danny Ainge may not have the time to see how fast he can develop. 

Draft Picks

With the 14th pick in this year’s draft, the Celtics could opt for a pick. They have 3 first round draft picks to go off of. With that, it allows plenty of options to solve their frontcourt issues.  However, knowing Danny Ainge and his history of these situations, expect a trade. Some may wonder why not just go for a young guy out of college. But the case is clear; the clock is ticking for the Celtics and their window of winning a championship. 

I predict Isiah Stewart out of Washington if they do decide to draft a big. A guy who has a lot of upside to his game and can fit in a system. Aside from actual picks, expect a number of trades to happen this offseason regarding the Celtics.

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