Cam Newton Could Play Sunday

Cam Newton Could Play Sunday

It's been a crazy week for the NFL. The Patriots will be playing the Broncos on Sunday. The question is will Cam Newton start? Of course, Belichick won't answer questions about whether he will play or not. Depending on test results the game may not be played. Hopefully, that's not the case and everyone continues to test negative. Newton has been unable to produce two negative tests in a row but, it's been over 10 days since he could practice this week and play.

Cam Newton Could Be Back Aganist The Broncos

Newton wants to be out there and it's clear they would've beat the Chiefs With him. Having him back on Sunday will be huge for the offense and the team itself. His positive vibes and leadership are felt throughout the whole team. He was the first one in and last one out I'm sure that will still be the case when he comes back.

Newton Brings The Spark The Team Needs

With Newton playing Sunday against a bad Broncos team, it still gives the Patriots more of an advantage to win. The mess-ups with Brian Hoyer in the red zone against Kansas City wouldn't happen with Newton. They would've easily scored before the end of the first half. I'm sure it killed him watching that and see the team lose. He's can't wait to get back he should be back this week. At least the Patriots have a full week of practice so far.

Having Newton play gives the Patriots the best chance to win. Brian Hoyer can't and Stidham isn't ready yet. If Newton does play Sunday Stidham should be the backup. He was better than Hoyer against Kansas City. Belichick won't say a word about Newton and his health for Sunday. It is all a mystery until probably when they practice.

Written by Steve Atkinson

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