Patriots Beat The Chiefs With Quarterback Cam Newton

Patriots Beat The Chiefs With Quarterback Cam Newton

Brian Hoyer should never start for the Patriots again. The Patriot defense played lights out in the first half and kept them in it. Hoyer had no clue how many timeouts there were at the end of the half. Instead of throwing the ball away, he takes a sack, then tries to call a fourth timeout. Even in the opening drive in the second half, the offense had an opportunity to take the lead. But Hoyer was stripped sacked and taken out of the game. No doubt Cam Newton would win that game against the Chiefs, the Patriots had a shot and because of bad quarterback play fell short.

Cam Newton Gives The Patriots A Chance At Winning More Games

Newton can actually move in the pocket and be mobile. Newton can make plays and make something happen. At least he would’ve thrown the ball away at the end of the half. Not just take a sack. At least Newton is football smart and has common sense when it comes to running the offense. Hopefully, he tests negative this week and can go on Sunday. The defense had a great game plan to contain Mahomes and the offense. Newton gives them the best shot to win consistently.

Hoyer should’ve been pulled at halftime. I had flashbacks of Drew Bledsoe in a Patriot uniform making dumb mistakes. No wonder Brady loved Hoyer has his backup, he had no shot at taking his job. Hoyer will always be a career backup. If Belichick didn’t get Newton this offseason they wouldn’t win the division. Hoyer is like every other backup quarterback in the league. Pray and hope Newton can come back and play on Sunday against Denver. Patriots should be 3-1 right now if it wasn’t for COVID. At the end of the day, Hoyer should never start a game for this team again.

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