Buffalo Bills Are Only Threat To New Englands Playoff Hopes

Buffalo Bills Are Only Threat To New Englands Playoff Hopes

The NFL season has not been too far than expected after week 4. The Buffalo Bills are on a 4 game winning streak as they beat the Raiders. Right now their top of the AFC East, the only threat to New England's hopes of returning to the playoffs. 

After a not so surprising loss to the defending super bowl champs, New England still looks solid. Despite the Cam Newton absence this past game, the team looks like their forming an identity. Josh McDaniels isn’t afraid to have Cam run the play option and take it himself. Julian Edelman is a vital part of this young receiving core. And the running back group is as strong as ever. History will repeat itself as the Patriots will become dominant by December. 

The defense has been good considering the teams they’ve faced. A powerhouse Seahawks crew did score fairly well through the air in week 2. Nonetheless, with top receiver Stephon Gilmore leading the pack, they’re still feisty. The McCourty brothers are also still top level in that secondary. My only concern may be the pass-rushing. However, When the colder months hit and more running to take place, expect this defense to shine more. 

Even with all of the upsides to Bill Belichick's squad, they still have an issue. The Buffalo Bills mean business. Stephon Diggs has just been playing out of his mind. Josh Allen has thrown touchdowns left and right on offense. Allen’s accurate passing with limited mistakes has allowed for them to be dangerous. They’re also able to move the ball rushing with Devin Singletary. The defense is no laughing matter either. 

Josh Norman and Tre’Davious White are two corners who have just excelled as of late. Although they do allow a good number of points, they still aren’t anything to play with. They may give up yards but they are able to make key stops when needed. The 4-0 record proves it. 

The Bills schedule gets tougher starting next week against Tennessee. We’ll see how they’ll fair up against true playoff competition. After that, they will have to go up against Kansas City and the Steelers. True tests lay ahead for them and we’ll see whether Josh Allen is for real or just had a lucky start. 

As for New England, the schedule gets a little bit easier deepening on when Cam can get back. They’re play calling is coming together. And this first quarter of the season has shown that their defense can keep them in games. Miami and New York are too terrible to be anything close to a threat. Currently, it’s just Bills and New England fighting for a top spot in the AFC East. The top 2 seeds of the conference will most likely go to Baltimore and Kansas City. So this top seed in the division will be crucial. If they can’t get it, I don’t seem them making the wild card or anything else.

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Written by Kevin Perrington-Turner

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