NBA Finals Will Be In Sight For Boston, But They Need Skilled Bigs First

NBA Finals Will Be In Sight For Boston, But They Need Skilled Bigs First

The season has come to an end for the Boston Celtics as they fall to the Miami Heat in 6 games. The NBA finals will include the Heat vs Lakers inside the bubble. For Danny Ainge and his organization, they will have their eyes set on a championship next year. But this offseason, they will need to figure out their frontcourt situation. 

Kanter & Theis

Too many times the regular and postseason the Celtics had issues defending bigs. Bigs such as Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis has undoubtedly been effective defensively. However, guys like Joel Embiid has undoubted success against the C’s in the first round. Embiid was able to average around 30 points due to the lack of frontcourt talent. 

That’s not to put any slack on Daniel Theis who has shown up big this playoff run. Theis was all over the place playing big minutes as Kanter sat out. But offensively he isn’t reliable. His post moves are simple, shooting is inconsistent, and handle is just mediocre. For Brad Stevens, he’ll want a big that he can give the ball to and slow the pace down. Theis should stay on the team, but they should look for some help. 

Young Guys Off The Bench

On an upside, the Celtics do have the young Robert Williams. At 6’8 with a wingspan of 7’6, this guy can block shots like no other. His ability to jump out of the gym and run the floor is special. He’s a rim protector. He came up big in the Toronto series where he played big to their small ball. He was the needed boost off the bench. However, he possesses the same offensive issues as Theis. He isn’t a skilled offensive player. Although that may come with time, Danny Ainge doesn’t have that time right now. 

Tacko Fall is more eye candy than a threat. And that’s no disrespect to the 7’5 center who mainly sat the bench for the season. After getting a call up from the G League, Brad Stevens only used him in spots. Most notably the last seconds of game 3 against the Raptors in a buzzer-beater loss. Besides a few spots for defensive purposes, he’s not enough to pose a threat on offense. 

Possible Options

I highly doubt Danny Ainge will be able to get Joel Embiid who will be a free agent without giving up a star. But someone like DeMarcus Cousins can be a good addition to the Celtics squad. He’s been on teams with little to no talent and injuries have held him back. With a good opportunity, he can do some damage. 

My personal favorite option is to give up some picks for Steven Adams on the Oklahoma Thunder. Adams averages around a double-double a game in just 26 minutes on average. At just 27 years he has post moves and runs the floor extremely well. On top of being a rim protector, he’s played alongside MVPs. If the Celtics are able to grab him, I believe their odds of an NBA Finals spikes up. One thing is for sure, they need to make some adjustments at the frontcourt. 

Feature Image Via The Boston Globe

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