It’s Too Early To Compare Mahomes/Reid to Brady/Belichick

It’s Too Early To Compare Mahomes/Reid to Brady/Belichick

The Brady/Belichick relationship that built the dynasty, didn’t start after one Super Bowl win. Nobody thought after Super Bowl XXXVI, all these years later they’d win six championships. It took time, commitment, and teamwork. In the end, both sides were on different isles and it was time for a change. It lasted 20 years and was a great run. Now, a new dynasty could be forming in Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes is has won a Super Bowl, has a great coach, and the richest quarterback in the league. However, is it too soon to compare Mahomes/Andy Reid to Brady/Belichick? Yes, it is.

Mahomes is a great quarterback and Reid is a great coach. However, they just started being a legit contender a few years ago. They also just won their first Super Bowl together. I don’t think they’ll win six but they could win a few. The Chiefs are a legit threat in the AFC for years to come. But, we’ll never see a Belichick/Brady duo again. Going to nine Super Bowls is insane nevermind winning six of them. Mahomes will probably Winn three or four but nowhere near Brady who’s still playing.

There are quarterbacks and coaches that haven’t come close to Brady/Belichick for example Drew Brees/Sean Payton of the Saints and Russell Wilson/Pete Carroll. The Seahawks still can’t get over the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Wilson and Brees and two of the best in the game and still haven’t reached the Brady/Belichick milestone.

Reid deserves to finally have a winning quarterback for once. McNabb when he was with the Eagles failed to win a Super Bowl. Now, with Mahomes who’s mobile and can sling it downfield is a proven winner. Mahomes/Reid will have tons of success and lots of winning. We may have to wait a decade to see how it compares to Brady/Belichick.

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