Patriots Offense Getting Better Each Week: Cam Is A Leader

Patriots Offense Getting Better Each Week: Cam Is A Leader

The Patriots lost Sunday, however, the Cam Newton offense is exciting. Newton has more connections with his receivers than Brady did with the same group. Brady, wouldn’t give N’Keal the time of day. Now, Newton is giving him the time of day and giving him the chance to grow and succeed. Newton kept the Patriots in the game if Brady was the quarterback the score might have been a bigger margin. These first two games have been good for the Patriots and the offense. It’s good that Newton’s leadership is strong and is key to having a good season.

Patriots Quarterback Cam Newton Gives Harry The Time Of Day

Newton from the beginning has taken Harry under his wing. He said last week Harry bailed him out a few times and is growing each week. This offense will work with Newton under center for the Patriots. He’s more mobile and more connected with his receivers. Newton was proud of Harry after the game in Seattle.

Doughboy has grown in front of everyone’s eyes. For him to gain confidence in himself, I think that’s a start. And I think that’s what he’s doing. I think today’s game was a great indication of that and what he could potentially be. Yet through it all, he still has to keep building to become the best version of himself.”

I’m sure Harry would much rather have Newton right now than Brady. Every week he seems to improve and growing a bond with Newton. Newton is the first one in and last one out of the facility. That’s what you want from your quarterback. He also can move the ball well downfield and connect his receivers. Even though they lost Sunday there are positives to take from the game.

I think each week the offense will get better. Newton can do things Brady couldn’t do. He’s mobile and helps you in the run game tremendously. Newton has way more patience and on the same page. Between Byrd, Harry, Edelman they have a good team.

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