Cam Newton Is A Better Quarterback For The Patriots Than Brady

Cam Newton Is A Better Quarterback For The Patriots Than Brady

Nobody predicted that Brady would go to Tampa and have a superstar team around him in March. Then, Gronkowski comes out of retirement they get a few good running backs, draft a left tackle. On paper, the Buccaneers looked unstoppable. While Cam Newton was joining a Patriots team that lacked offensively. Both Brady and Newton are motivated, however, through two games the better quarterback right now is Cam Newton. You can say it's the system Bill Belichick runs a tight ship and doesn't allow for sloppy errors. While Bruce Arians is more relaxed and isn't as hard it seems.

Newton through two games has a 71.4 completion percentage with 552 yards. Brady has a 64.8 completion percentage with 456 yards and one touchdown. Tampa through two games has 14 penalties while the Patriots have five. Belichick doesn't stand for dumb penalties like offside, or false starts. Arians is a little too loose and Brady could be finding that out. Through two games the Patriots seem to be better than the Buccaneers. Tampa doesn't seem to be on the same page and Gronk is nonexistent. He's slow, can't get open, and should've stayed retired. Brady going to Tampa could be like Michael Jordan going to the Washington Wizards, Kyrie Irving going to the Celtics, and Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez going to the Red Sox. The fit in Tampa may not be there.

If Brady was still on the Patriots it would be a repeat of last season. Not giving receivers the time of day and throwing to Edelman. Now, in Tampa, you're seeing more drops than Cam Newton is seeing in New England. LeSean McCoy missed a touchdown grab, and one pass bounced off the helmet of a receiver. Gronk had a fake PI called on him that he dropped. They are just not in sync. Newton has been more relaxed and comfortable with his receivers. He trusts them to get open and make plays. This keeps up you'll see the Patriots never left and could contend in a Super Bowl. While Brady has himself an early retirement in Tampa.

Written by Steve Atkinson

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