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Quarterback Cam Newton Has High Praise For N’Keal Harry

A year ago Tom Brady couldn’t even loom at N’Keal Harry. He got annoyed Harry wasn’t getting the offense as a rookie in the league. Brady had zero patience and didn’t trust him. Now, a year later Cam Newton comes here and wants to work with a receiver who is young in the league. For Harry, his confidence has to be better than last year with Brady. Brady didn’t give the time of day. If Newton is willing to work with Harry and help him grow he could have a better year.

Newton put things in perspective with Harry that there are more positives than negatives. Newton can lift Harry up and he could build confidence. Besides the fumble, he had a good game against Miami. Here is the quote from Newton on Wednesday.

Via Mike Reiss

When you read that quote that is a leader. Not what we saw from Brady last year with him. He’s a young player who’s going to make mistakes. You just hope he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Newton has the patience to work with Harry and make him a better player.

With the Patriots traveling to Seattle for Sunday night, we probably will see more passing. I expect him to have a better game than last week. Besides Edelman, they are quite thin at receiver. This could be Harry’s time to shine and step up in the spotlight. The Seattle defense will be ready if Newton wants to run. The passing game should open up more and Hasty could have a great game given the chance. I think he has a better chance to succeed with Newton than Brady because Newton has more patience. I hope Harry does well Sunday night. Him calling Newton-like an older brother is telling too, you never heard him say that about Brady.

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