Could The Patriots Extend Quarterback Cam Newton?

Cam Newton is looking forward to making his Patriots debut on Sunday against the Dolphins. With Jarrett Stidham looking at houses in Texas, according to his wife on Instagram. Will Cam Newton be a Patriot for many years to come? It seeming pretty clear that something happened with Stidham who was thought to be the quarterback of the future. However, it doesn’t seem the case and he’s taken a step back. Newton meanwhile is taking advantage of the opportunity and making the most of it. Belichick has always liked Newton and could sign him past this season.

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Cam Newton Could Get An Extension

I don’t think they should after the first month. However, if Newton takes them to the AFC Championship then I would sign him long term. Newton doesn’t seem to care about the money. If that is still the case after this year then the Patriots could have a quarterback for the next four years maybe. Wouldn’t that be something? Belichick goes from 20 years of Tom Brady to MVP Cam Newton, while also drafting Jimmy Garoppolo who just went to the Super Bowl. Belichick would win again. I think he was and still is high on Stidham, but knows he’s taken a step back.

Newton didn’t let the pandemic get to him. The minute he got singed he was working out with teammates. He wasn’t traveling to Texas for weddings or having his girlfriend or wife talk about buying houses in Texas. If Belichick gets wind of what Stidham’s wife said he’s probably not going to be happy about it. If Stidham is the next guy would he be looking to buy houses in Texas? The answer is no and you don’t see Newton doing that. If Newton does well I’m all in with singing past this year. Who knows they could win a Super Bowl or two with him.

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