Revolution II Fall To Forward Madison At Home

Revolution II Fall To Forward Madison At Home

Forward Madison Collects Defensive Mistakes

The Revolution II were daggers into their own defensive efforts tonight. They allowed nineteen shots against their net and nine shots directly in on goalkeeper Joe Rice. Rice ended up with six saves on the night but allowed the past four goals. Joe will one day end up in the first team once Matt Turner leaves the team eventually.

Three of those goals came from major defensive errors in the backline for Revs II. The fourth goal was an absolute banger of a goal from Adolfo Ovalle Jr. In 2000, his father, trained with the New England Revolution in preseason coached by Fernando Clavijo. I’m sure it was a great accomplishment for Adolfo to create that strike in Gillette.

Firmino Believes In His Team

Midfielder Nicolas Firmino has shown a great positive outlook in the past few games. He also has been one of the most productive players on the field. During the game against Forward Madison, he dished up 63 complete passes. He ended with a 77% pass complete average. Firmino after the game was looking on the bright side. “We tried to keep possession and I thought we did that pretty well,” he stated when asked about making up for Isaac Angking’s absence on the field. He’s extremely confident about the upcoming game with Chattanooga. “We know how they play and we’re a bit more confident going into it this time.”

Looking Forward to Chattanooga

Coach Clint Peay felt after the game that the team needs to keep on top of their defensive efforts heading into Red Wolves territory. “If we continue on the path we’re on of gifting goals to the opponent, it’s going to be a tough day for us.” The game against Chattanooga will be revenge for Revs II since the 4-0 rout they battled against just a week ago. In this match with Forward Madison, New England Revolution II had great passes throughout. They will need to build on these passes and make attacking chances out of them. Looking back to the game against Chattanooga, they also need to refocus their defensive efforts and believe in the backline. Joe Rice will get the tap for goalkeeper again after a great game against Forward Madison, helping to stem the rout at just four goals.

Where To Watch

The Revs II – Chattanooga Red Wolves SC game will be on ESPN+ in the United States. It will also be streamed internationally on Youtube.